Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starter Adventures Update

Finally got serious and began working on Starter Adventures again.  I've competed the the first drafts of all the cleric and fighter adventures and three-forths of the way done with the magic-user and thief adventures.  I need to send some preliminary drawings to Rob for maps and the manuscript to Jason and suggestions for artwork.  I've decided to add a small one-shot adventure to the end.  And I think I will flesh out a starter tavern.  Does anyone have enough taverns?  Anyway, just a quick update on my next project.

Oh, and I think Rusty will be doing a series of blog posts here about musical instruments.  I think it will be cool and glad he will do it at the Manor.

And double oh, I've added all my recent gaming purchases and I am getting scary near $500 for the year.  


  1. I like Taverns ;)

    Nice to hear that Rusty is making a return.