Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sleestak Sunday, Early Edition

This sleestak is having a ball.
The staycation continues so I thought I would get my Sleestak Sunday done early.  I don't remember this red ball episode.  And it's wearing a necklace.  Must be a 3rd season episode, I have the first two on DVD.  It looks happy with its red ball. 

Today we head to Ohio to the bookstore.  Our Borders closed so now we drive over an hour to get to the closest.  Don't get me wrong, B&N is a good store, but Borders is my store.  Going to get some writing done there, drink a javanilla and scout around and take a look at some stores.  Going to google to see if there is a gaming store nearby.  Have a good Sleestak Sunday, find your red ball and have fun. 


  1. I don't recall this exact episode either, but I LOVE the image. Thanks for keeping this going!

  2. He looks so happy with his little bouncy bouncy.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. That thing was a tv show? where was I?