Monday, May 9, 2011

Gaming Road Trip and a Start to a New Campaign

Our old gaming group was together again in person.  All except Rusty, but we'll catch up with him later this summer.  We got together and had a board game night.  We ended up playing Munchkin (read more about it here) for the first time.  I had the starter pack for about a year and finally was able to break it out.  It was a blast.  You'll see the result in the left hand column of my running total of the year. 

On Saturday we went on a game store road trip.  The three of us hadn't gone on a road trip for nearly twenty years.  We went on a pilgrimage to the Warzone Matrix in Cleveland.  I love that store.  It's like an archeological dig into gaming's history.  Just layers and layers of gaming stuff in every corner.  I found a set of the Spell Compendium's I've been looking for and after a little wheeling and dealing I got the set for $100.  Which was great.  Then I ended up buying 3 Munchkin accessory packs.  Yup.  Damn you Munchkin!

The second store we hit was...well it pretty much sucked.  After an amusing encounter in the parking lot with two 'dudes' trying to move a truck that was blocking everything the game store with a huge reputation was underwhelming.  I guess if I was into Magic the Gathering and it did have a bunch of board games, but as for role-playing stuff, D&D and Pathfinder.  There were a few other core rule books for other systems, but the owner said the only thing he sold were Pathfinder and D&D. 

The one funny note was there was a cork-board with gamers looking for gamers.  One guy's ad looked something like this.

Me: 30 year-old gamer, Teacher, Not Smelly
Looking for: RP gamer, adult, Not Smelly

The last night we were together we got to play a mega game of Munchkin with all the additional packs I bought.  You need to be a professional card shuffler to play it once you have all those cards added in.  It was a good weekend of gaming. 

Rusty Battle Axe is feeding us information about his campaign he will be running us through.  Still trying to decide what I want to play.  I actually considered playing a bard for the very first time in my gaming career, but don't see that on the list of classes.  Looking forward to exploring a new world and see what kind of trouble I can get to into there.  I'll probably blog about my character selection process.


  1. Munchkin is a blast!!
    Now try shuffle together different edition – Space + Cthulhu works pretty awesome!

  2. I have been thinking about picking up Munchkin -- sounds like it's worth it!

  3. Whisk > Not smelly. Good thing you didn't have that on your resume before meeting me! Muhahaha.

    II Male > Munchkin is a blast and man do they have a lot of expansions. Right now they are all fantasy, but I will probably purchase Cthulu and Zombies caught me eye...of course.

    Carter > Get it. You won't regret it.

  4. Not smelly should be a door policy in some game stores. "NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SHOWER - NO BUSINESS!"

  5. Not smelly is a very very valid requirement! I've been around some pretty rank gamers in my time, let me tell you...

  6. Oh no it's become a blog about smelly gamers. Being one who showers often I can say I am not a fan of the funk. In the 2nd game store there was a guy with a borg headset on that had the aroma that could stun, maybe even burn the eyes out of an ogre.

  7. I've long considered my relatively poor sense of smell an advantage as a longtime gamer, even if it does mean food apparently doesn't taste as good to me as it does to others.

  8. DocStout > That's a tough trade, but I guess during those games that stretch on into the night you appreciate not smelling the smelly.

  9. I could totally see myself putting up a "stinky people need not apply" ad like that.

  10. Well lets drop the smelly gamers plot and talk about the actual games fo Munchkin. Hmmm if I remember correctly I won the first game we played. Oh yea I won the last game we played too. I guess that make me Champ.