Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Big Board

This week I am dedicated to finishing my edits to Starter Adventures and I have the big board to prove it.  Just so you know, once its on the big board it is an absolute truth.  Except if Ivy writes something bad about me on it.  I have part of it edited but don't have those sections marked.  I believe I have the cleric section done.  Jason has the back cover finished and has the front cover drawn just needs to color it.  Then I have to get on Rob to get some maps done which he can do in his sleep. 

This board does help me keep track of things with a glance.  I am toying of adding a New Creature and New Magic Item section to it.  There are a few of each in here.  If you have an opinion on this please let me know.

Still figuring the costs at RPGNow.  I am thinking I would like to make a $3 to $3.50 profit on each sale.  The only price I know for sure will be the PDF at $6.  Once I edit and layout the book with art and maps I'll have my page count and will figure out the price to publish the book. 

A picture of the big board.

And in case one picture of the big board isn't enough. 


  1. Will there also be a Lulu POD version (for those of us who like to make trees suffer for our own enjoyment)?

  2. The titles of the adventures look quite interesting. I'll have to check this out.

  3. I admire your organizational skills. :)

  4. A big board you say, makes sense and it works.

  5. I need to put something like that up for myself to motivate me to work on partially-cooked creative projects. I fear most of it would be a depressingly empty grid most of the time, however.

  6. Sir Timothy of Kent > I should look into Lulu, but RPGNow offers a print option. I plan on offering a soft and hard cover version. But what I don't know is if it is better for overseas to order RPGNow or Lulu.

    Human Folly > Thanks. I'll give more details soon.

    Christian > Admire my printing not my organization. Still struggle to get things done.

    Lurker > It's not all that big, but its bigger than my other board.

    DocStout > White boards are wonderful. If nothing else you can draw dirty pictures on it that makes your wife have to erase them. muhahaha