Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Got Your Smurf Right Here

With the Smurfs being revived I thought I would break out one that my dad had for years.  I am pleased to present the little known blue man who rarely got any animated time due to his bad behavior and habits. 

Please meet....

Drunk Off His Ass Smurf

With a tankard the size of his body he is ready to party.


  1. That guy goes with this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zff5LVkDzHA

  2. I'll be seeing him as a patient soon as he becomes Rehab Smurf.

  3. "They try to get that Smurf to rehab and he say no, no, no..."

    Too soon?

    So when's the Smurf supplement coming out for Swords & Wizardry?

  4. Theodric > Smurfing Beer. Never heard of it. Kind of creepy and funny at the same time.

    Trey > Drunky Smurf doesn't go to rehab, the other just lock him away.

    Sir Timothy > Not too early and I don't think S&W was doing the system, I believe WotC has the license and has decided to take death out as an option, there will be thirty-two class books and even though there is only one (two if you count the cat) enemy they would like to break it up into four $40 books. No confirmation the PSG (Papa Smurf Guide) but rumors have been floating around they may ransom the chapters. They must receive a certain amount of smurfberries are paid before release.

    Lurker > Lurker, lurker, lurker, you will never understand the sleestaks. *sigh* Sleestaks don't drink beer, the alcohol dries out their scales. They hate itchy scales. They do love a good squished smurf pastry though.

  5. Ah it's good to see people spreading the Smurf love.

    Now, having said, "Smurf Love" I feel just a tad unclean.

    If anyone is interested I've been smurfing an absosmurfy Smurfs RPG over at my blog for the past few smurfs. It's not an OSR (Old Smurf Renaissance) game though. Much more New Smurf. Still, you might get a smurf out of it.

  6. Oh, B.A.! I've just scanned through your Smurf posts and you're really helping me get my Smurf on! Smurf-tastic times. Good luck with this weekend's game... can't wait to hear how it smurfs out!

  7. @Sir Timothy - Thanks Sir Tim!

    I may have to hold off til next month as a bunch of the players who really want to play can't make it for personal and family reasons.

    One guy has a really awesome idea for a character so I'm seriously looking forward to getting this thing started.

    Thanks again!