Thursday, August 4, 2011

Loviatar....It's Good for You

It's late here and I am ready to crash for the day, but before I go I wanted to do a shout out to Christian for putting together such a cool little zine.  Its put together so well.  Simple, small and in print.  And yes Christian it is fantastic to get things in the mail.  I'll be adding this little zine to my bedtime reading.  Then I see issue #2 is going to have GURPS.  That is awesome in bold.

For those who haven't gotten an issue take the plunge.  It's $3 a copy or $12 for 6 months.  Three bucks.  You spend more than that going through the drive through getting crap that's bad for you.  Get this instead.  It's good for you.

Okay, gushing over.  Time for bed.  And let me borrow a phrase from Loviatar's patron.



  1. GURPS sold me, I subscribed, thanks for the tip

  2. For those that might want to check it out, I am running a short contest, winner grabs a six month subscription to Christian's zine! Check it out over on my blog, all you have to do is flesh out a tiny map I made, doesn't even have to be too detailed. Easy as pie.

    Christians work is top notch and he really cares about what he produces, plus he loves feedback!