Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zombies vs. Disney

Calling all gamers, time to show everyone that zombies are way cooler than Disney.  Happy Whisk has put out the call to vote for her friend Lo Mo to win a cake contest.  That's right, cake zombies!  All you have to do is go over and Vote Here.  This is a couple of pictures from her Plant vs. Zombies cake.  The red pepper still looks undecided.

Here is her main competition.

So here is your chance to show Disney in all its saccharineness and cavity created sweetness, to go to hell.  Show them that zombies rule the day....and the cakes.


  1. Thanks for the additional support.

    Double smooch.

  2. I see potential in Lori's for gaming. What's going on I don't quite know, but I love it. A horde of plants hunting down the undead, or pouncing as they emerge? Sunflowers held in reserve or urging their fellow foliates on? Or outflanking..? And a wild card red pepper too. But it's that checkerboard effect that's somehow the key element in the magic.

  3. Man,

    Those flowers would WRECK that tower as the zombies ate the prince and princess.

    Your friend Lori is very talented!

  4. Brilliant! All cakes should be like that!

  5. Thanks to everyone who voted for Lori and Trina's cakes. Woohoo. You guys rock.

  6. thank you everyon for the compliments and the votes, and thank you for posting this! Awesome!! Plant vs zombies is actually a game you can son and husband have played it and were my 'artistic directors'....of course it was also tons of fun to make!!