Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Game Night

A rainy morning makes me hit the snooze button fast and often. Last night was game night after a two week layoff. I kinda needed the break and to tell the truth I was exhausted last night before the game started. But I wasn’t about to cancel.

Cast of Players
GM – me
Cal, Master Mage of House Rez something latin – Dwayne (Gamers Closet)
Lazarus, mercenary marked by the Blood God, Azeel – Brian (no blog)
Aramayus, Myridon of Sarrath – Rob (Bat in the Attic)

The start of the game suffered from my low energy and resembling what happened two weeks ago. After being marked by a dead god the high priest, Opulus, had charged Rob with heresy and they had a trail in the grand courtyard of the Hellbridge Temple. Rob needed to pass the second test of his faith, the Test of Fortitude. In a grand display that no one saw he did so and the end result was the colossus statue of Sarrath impaled the offending priest on his spear. The staff he clutch, a bone of the dead god, fell to the ground in front of him.

Cal, stood in the audience and watched. And recognized the staff for what it was. He’s seen another just like it in the hands of Grand Master of the Guild.

Which brings us back to present.

After a short non violent conflict with some of the other temple Myridons, Cal, forfeited the staff. Lavinia, daughter of the Regent, explained a bit about why it was important that it remain in the temple despite its effect on high priest. Her words were “You clean your own house and I’ll clean mine.”

Fast forward through some clunky interaction to get their base established in the swamp. A lot of yapping. Some seeds were planted for future stuff, but overall I needed to get Lazarus back in the game. He’d been absent for I think a month. So I got all three of them stuck together.

The investigation brought them back to the original site of their battle with the mana titan. After some research the party found that it is possible the reason the mana titans were on the move was to correct an imbalance cause by powerful gates being opened by the Briv’El, demon servants of the dead Ba’al. They have returned to assemble the bones of their god to resurrect him (play cheesy ominous organ music here).

Cal, found he could not enter the area. The mana was highly unstable and caused him a lot of pain and would have damaged him if he remained for any length of time. However, Lazarus and Aramayus were able to enter the mana storm. A hundred yards in Aramayus came across a fallen myrmidon and tried to remove the body, but of course those damn bodies don’t stay still and it attacked. Laz had his hands full with a trio of mana zombies. Aramayus after a short battle was slain.

As he lay there it was a myrmidon he’d known stood over him holding out his hand to help him up. The environment remained the same except much calmer. Both marked as true faithful of Sarrath they stood together with sword and shield. And although Laz ran out, he returned to the mana storm and was slain by Aramayus. Once again, Laz fell to the ground to find Aramayus standing over him. All stood with their symbols of their god engraved in their chests.

Poor Cal was still stuck on the outside of the mana storm firing spells. If you know GURPS being that far away it is difficult to do too much, but he was able to assist here and there. Especially in the last encounter when the party met a Briv’El in the shape of a wolf that tried to consume Laz’s body. Laz and Aramayus were able to battle it from their side, but it was Cal’s sunbolt that evaporated the creature.

There it ended. Two dead. Stuck in this nether world. One stands outside a mana storm unable to enter.

The next session I plan to run is separate. Short sessions for Laz and Aramayus on Saturday. And then I will do a separate session for Cal. I like doing this if the players and myself have the time.

Though the session started slow after a while I got my mojo going and it was fun. My imagination revitalized again. Migraines have a bad side effect that leaves playing RPG game undesirable, but once I got into it again I felt a lot better.


  1. I miss you guys on Monday night.

  2. The feeling is very mutual Rusty. Anytime you want to come back you know where to find us.