Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Show Me Your Dice

Bard gave me an idea.  Any gamers out there who would like to participate in Showing Me Your Dice Marathon.  Just take a few pictures of your dice put them on your blog.  It's an easy blog on top of it.  So join in!

Sir Timothy of Kent is the 1st to Participate!
Here's Dylan's Offering.
R.W. Chandler has a sexy d30.
Obietteditor sounds us his mound of dice.
Kelvin Green shares his dicegasm.
Professor Pope was way ahead of the game with his brilliant dice.
Bard is super organized and has some killer bone dice.  I want them.
drcheckmate has a great looking group of 6 siders ready for duty.
Human Folly uses a minimalist approach and shows on perfect red 6-sider.
Kevin shares his two sets of dice.  I'm digging the green set.
Carter Soles is not afraid to use a d4. 
Ark has enough dice to kill Orcus.  
Astrodavicus talks about his dice porn fetish and maps it out. 
Joseph shows us his dice and Deck of Many Things.  And check out his dragonbone.  :P
The WIFE enters into the fray using the deceiving calm Miss Wiggy.  Believe me she is not that calm.  Wiggy that is.  Well, neither is the wife.
Kaijuville is shaken it 80s style Dice Dice Baby.
Nemo ask "If I rolled all my dice at once would they make a sound?"
Christian took a break from Lovitar to show us his Domo guarded dice. 
Sacha has some very cool cyber skull containers for his Pendragon dice.  That is cool squared. 
Bliss tells a sad tale of the demise of his Holmes dice, but still has enough dice to kill a lot critters. 
Dungeonmum enters into the marathon with nothing less than Bloodbowl dice.  Score! 
Mark shows off his dice using a fantastic castle backdrop.
And Paladin shows off his big pile of dice pron.  Its so big it doesn't fit.
Mo D, a wife of a gamer, shows off her deep purple dice.  Nice of you to join us.
Theron spreads his dice out.  He's got a crap load.
Angry Lurker has bone dice, war dice, clear dice, hundreds of pounds of dice. 
Catweasel has 1234 6-siders.
Risus Monkey teases us with only a part of his collection.  He is a cruel monkey.
Mark shows us how his dice pose Captain Morgan style. 
Pulcherius is doing very old school, he's got his dice in some Crown Royal bags.  I like it.
superherofigurehunter flaunts  his custom made 6-siders with pride.
ze bullette has the die from the magic 8 ball.  Now that is die hard.  He must have been blue for a month.
faolahd joins the dice mania by snuggling his dice up on a blanket.  That's love my friends. 
Andreas shows us his love for dice and his love die.
Matt shows off his dice and iPad.
Glenn has quite the spread of dice posing for their senior pictures.
Boric G goes all out for the Show Me Your Dice.  Dice everywhere.   
Bogus arrives to the party a little late, but brought his dice.  Although I think I may have to ban any other entries titles dice, dice baby.