Monday, August 15, 2011

More Killer Pics from Underworld Ink

 John and Jason of UNDERWORLD INK have been doing an incredible job of capturing the spirit of what I am trying to present in Starter Adventures.  I really love this picture for two reasons, 1) The perspective and  2) The layout options.  Because its not a typical square picture it allows me to break up the text in a different manner.

The picture itself will go into the dungeon section of the book.  My mind's eye has already placed it in a cozy little space on the page.
And I absolutely love this one.  Reminds me of a superhero battle with tankards.  It's just missing the POW! or BAM! above it.  This one goes into Tavern Fight.  Duh. 

All the pictures are in except maybe one or two for the dungeon.  Rob is tweaking maps.  And I am slowly getting edits done.  Battle migraines has been a losing battle for me lately.  I'm going on my 4th week of this headache.  Although it switched it up some this weekend and now I actually have two headaches which is weird and very unpleasant.  But, seeing these new pictures was better than aspirin. Thanks to both John and Jason.


  1. It's all fun and games until someone gets socked int he jaw. Those illustrations are great! Feel better soon!

  2. Both of those are great! I hope the migraines get better soon.

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  4. Love both the pictures -- I agree the perspective on the first one is truly awesome.

    Hope the migraines pass soon!

  5. Sorry to hear about the pain - I also hope they soon clear up.

    The art is excellent. The first is one of those pics that has more going on the more you look at it. The second is outright stunning. Not least for the guy closest.

  6. Those are great pics. I particularly like the Kirbyish tinge of the second.