Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RPGNow vs. Lulu

I have a question, especially for non North American, overseas folks.  Both RPGNow and Lulu do the print on demand.  Which one do you prefer and which is cheaper?  Quality wise I have gotten books from both and they are comparable, good quality.  Price wise, I think RPGNow wins by a small margin.  But don't know which is cheaper for Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and even the penguins in Antarctica.  How much do charge to ship?

If you have a moment please let me know.  This is one area (I have several but let's not dwell) I am completely ignorant.  Thanks.


  1. Quality should be exactly the same, they both use Lightning Source to print. I like Lulu better because, despite the high fixed cost per page, they have better royalties. You have to do a separate "standard" grade book for international shipping though - the "publisher" grade is only printed in the U.S. They also have sales all the time, and the sales don't impact your profit.

  2. Here's a side by side comparison on youtube.

  3. Same printer, as has been mentioned. I use RPGNow, because they have much better customer service than Lulu, at least for publishers.

  4. Thanks guys. Very helpful. And its not like I need to choose one. I plan on putting it on both. I was just curious.

  5. I ordered a lot from both. RPGNow products were fine most of the time, the one book which was not so good was due to mistakes from the original publisher.

    Neary every Lulu order I made came with heavy damages to the books, with wrong prints (no cover, for instance), bad printing (mostly cover or bleed issues).

    The Lulu service was excellent, thou, all books were sent again until the quality was alright. One book was sent three times. :-)

    Postage from RPGNow is much lower.

  6. I've ordered a lot from Lulu and only a couple of things from RPGNow.

    Lulu comes out on top for me - as long as the product is a standard size. If it uses an "American" size paper - that can't be printed in Europe - then the postage costs skyrocket ridiculously.