Saturday, January 25, 2014

Major Mail Call

One of my favorite on-line activities is going through the bargain bin at on-line sites.  Earlier this year I scored a ton of goodies from Pazio's Great Golem sale.  This time I went over to Troll and Toad, a store I was introduced to at Origins and follow on eBay.  Into the bargain bin I went and this is what I got for $11.06.

That's the box.  Those are my gloves.  I like my gloves.  They have nothing to do with the mail call.  I just like them and left them in the picture.

Here's what was inside the box.  That's me remote in the background, it photobombed my stash.

I like weird dice.  So I bought a few I didn't have.  But those two on the left.  How strange, they are in French.  I don't read French.  It would probably kill me.  Hmm, who do I know that could use them?

Two small monster manual.  Zine sized.  They are from Expeditious Retreat Press.  I'd never seen these before and snapped them up quick.  +joseph browning always puts out great products.

Another monster manual.  What I found interesting was that +Andy Hopp did the illustrations.  I met him in passing at Con at the Cob.  It's kinda hard to miss him.

An addition to my GURPS collection.  I'm always looking for books I'm missing.  This was one.  Just a word of advice to those two folks.  If you have two pistols and a machine gun, ALL of them should be pointed at the scary red cloud skull thing.

I bought a batch of modules for very cheap.  I like a lot of what Fast Forward Entertainment put out so why not give it a shot.  And I think Tim Brown has been cheated.  He should be in the Hall of Fame (football humor).

I know absolutely nothing about this one.  I dig the cover.  And I am all about fantasy horror so bring it on.  I'm not sure why the sticker is telling me to never mind. 

I got this because it was Judges Guild...that's it.  It's got tentacles on the cover, both guys are wearing skirts and he holding his knife like he just saw his long lost girlfriend (masturbation joke).

Another entry of Fast Forward Entertainment.  I got this one because villains are good to have.  I think the game would be very boring if everyone was chums and sang songs about happy they were.

Another entry of Fast Forward entertainment and not the last.  Super cheap so I got it.  I bought the Green Race book in another sale at Pazio and while I'm not a huge fan of it, I'm hoping the adventures will be more to my liking.

The last one for FFE.  This one I am very much looking forward to reading.  Demonic lairs.  It goes along with the Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils which is very good.  Ward wrote this one too.

Another missing link to my GURPS collection.  My GURPS shelves are going to need lubricant to get any more books on there.

Another one I'm intrigued about.  I a big fan of Camelot, Arthur, Holy Grail stuff.  Never heard of this one.  Mordred apparently is on the installment plan for his armor.  And Morgan is looking cheeky.

Now we get into the batch of Swords and Wizardry adventures by Frog God games.  I've never been a fan of water adventures.  They tend to be boring, but when you have Bruce (Jaws humor) eating a long boat (I have no idea if its a long boat, but it looks long) why not give it a chance.

Guy standing on a ice lake that is cracking all over.  I did not know what ursine meant.  It means relating to or resembling a bear.  Didn't even know there was a word for that.  I always thought "Hey, that looks like a bear" did the job.  Tower in the background, another guy in a skirt, helmet in hand, he's dead before he gets off the ice.

The second in the series.  I think I have one other in the series.  I forget which one.  Hope its not the same one.  I guess if it is, "contest at the Manor, win a Splinters of Faith adventure".  If not I'll read it and wonder why she's got two little axes and how she gets her hair to stand up like that.

And last, but not least, another Judges Guild offering.  This one has been on every bargain bin pile I've seen.  I finally decided to grab a copy because I don't have one.  Conan like man taking center stage, his buddy keeps telling him to make a big muscle and purple mage guy is making scarey hands.

All this for $11.02.  Fricking bargain man.  The shipping was more, over 18 bucks.  So I got all these 16 books, 5 dice and a box for less that $30.  You don't have to be jealous or hate me for being pretty.  You to can have some of these by going over to Troll and Toad and hitting the Troll and Toad Clearance button in the upper bar.  You'll need to have a good chunk of time because they have a ton of stuff.