Monday, January 27, 2014


Monday morning are always fun.  Especially when the snow and wind are blowing like crazy and the road on the mountain into town is just shy of an ice slide.  Get into work and have three voice mails from over the weekend of angry people.  Get ready for a three hour meeting that only ten minutes is relevant.  Appointments lined up this afternoon with other walk in and expect you to drop everything because they have arrived.

BUT, it's game night.  And that makes it a little better.


  1. Game Night with almond pizzelles. Making them in a few.

    1. Ooo! I'll play! Can I play too?


  2. Sounds like you're having a Monday like mine, Tim. At least you have the game to look forward to. I dreamed last night that my wife took me to task saying, "Your children have pretty much decided that you're only going to game with them on New Year's eve and no other time of the year. They think you're a rotten father because of that."
    So there's that.

  3. I've had the walk-ins who expect you to drop everything. Most outrageous was the client who flew into town, with no prior notice (she called me from the airport when she landed), on a day I was sick and only came in to do a couple of essential things. I was there until nearly 7pm. She never did build with us, designing a new home was, apparently, just a hobby for her.

    Got my revenge though, talked to her the next week and all she did was complain about the horrible cold she had.

    Got my revenge

  4. Game Night! I just got back from mine (we game every Monday, too). Awesome night of friends and dice.