Thursday, January 2, 2014

Maps for Hire!

+matt jackson does these things called maps.  He draws them himself.  A lot of them.  People need maps.  If you are reading this post then you probably need a map.  Well step right up and take a fuck'n look at this, Matt has designated his collection of Moleskin Maps as Pay What You Want.  That means he is putting the Jedi Vodoo Mind Maloik on ya.  You are will get the first one for free and chuckle.  Then you'll look at it and let it sit.  You'll grab the second one, but this time you throw in a dollar.  What the heck you like it.  The third one is right there, okay you'll get it, you've got some store credit built up, you throw him a fiver to make up for the first one you got.  Then you notice the fourth one.  The last one.  You grab your credit card and donate your child's college fund.  Matt knows what he is doing.  You have been warned.

Do yourself a favor, grab all four at once and put a tip into the jar, otherwise his Jedi Vodoo Mind Maloik will have you emptying out your bank account. 

But seriously, if you have a seriously cool game then you'll need some seriously cool maps.  Matt makes seriously cool maps.  So look not further than Moleskin Maps.