Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random Dungeon Room Creation at Lunchtime

The door is made of ancient wood that is falling from rusty bands of iron.  There are holes in the wood, but no light or sound comes from beyond the door.  If someone looks through the holes in the door they will see nothing but darkness.  Normal light will not work.  Magical light will allow the character to see 15' within.  At this distance he will see a statue of a horned creature with powerful wings and arms.  It crouches as if its about spring towards the door.

The door can be easily removed.  Inside the room the players will find eight such statues in various positions.  The one statue has a rod in its hand, he is a bit larger and has four arms instead of two.  The other furnishings in the room are stone tables and half pillars.  They are very basic in design.

The statues are gargoyles.  They are in hibernation.  If 8 points or more of damage is done to a statue the gargoyle will awaken, even though the gargoyles can only be harmed by magical weapons.  Once awaken it will release a gravelly shriek to awaken the others.  It takes a gargoyle 3 rounds to awaken from the hibernation.

Ten feet above the floor is a small ledge.  There is a secret door in the wall.  It opens to a small chamber with 30 gargoyle eggs.  Each weights 20lbs and made of stone.  The gargoyles, if kept in optimal conditions, will hatch in twelve years.   If they are brought into the sun they will permanently remain stone eggs.  A health gargoyle egg can fetch the price of 1000sp to nearly 5000sp depending on the market.  Spoiled or Stone eggs are a high end novelty that can get 100sp at a market. 


  1. I love gargoyles, after playing TFT for many years.

  2. Mmm...Gargoyle eggs. Now that's good eatin'. And vegan too.

    Seriously though, very cool room! I wonder, if someone hangs onto the gargoyle egg until it hatches, will the baby gargoyle imprint on him? That could be pretty darn cool too...

    1. Gargoyle egg's can be a bit hard on the teeth if dining alfresco...

    2. But they can be used as grade-a cement in construction, if you can get hold of enough of them. Just make an omelett an use it as mortar before sunrise...