Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ever Hear Sean Connery do a Dirty Popeye Imitation?

Me either, until tonight that is.  So what does it mean when five guys get together and tell in appropriate jokes?  It must be game night!

After a shitty day at work there is nothing better than fake killing stuff.  It was +Chris C.'s turn to run his gaming world of Ephemera.  +Rob Conley+Ken H and I all play magic-users and +Daniel McEntee plays a perverted dwarven fighter...okay he's not the only pervert.  Ken is horrible also.

We were exploring an ice temple cave complex to save a boy from a nasty fate.  What we kinda forgot is we'd saved him last session (which was January 6th).  He was terrified outside waiting by the boat as we got greedy and went in again for more loot.

It took us a few minutes to realize we were a group of mages with no spells, wandering around.  The dwarf wanted to try one more door and he opened it up before completing the question.  We found the library.  Found a old script from an old prophecy and a gem that was linked to the prophecy.

So we leave with the young boy and head back to his village.  However, he said the leader of the village was trying to capture him and give him to a dirty dwarf.  Not our dirty dwarf, but another one we did not know.  We confronted Brill, the leader, and after a well place Charm Person, he fell to his knees and admitted he was a coward.  That a minotaur had captured him, but Brill traded the lives of his other villagers in trade for his own life.  The first victim was Old Man Holt.  His bloody scarf was hidden in Brill's possessions.

We waited for Lona, she seemed the most competent of the villagers, and informed her of what occurred.  She was rightfully pissed and drug Brill in front of the other villagers and heard both sides argued of whether to spare him or to execute him.  I was on the side of sparing him.  I argued it brilliantly.  Ken argued for execution.  Chris rolled the dice and Brill was executed on the spot.

We then went hunting for the minotaur and his two dwarven companions.  Without a spell I was useless.  But the other two mages had spells at the ready.  We tracked them with the help of Lona and a handful of villagers armed with bows joined us.  But the highlight of the evening was short, as Egbert the Tumor cast sleep and all fell into a slumber...one dwarf fell into the fire.  And then we killed them all.

And so ended our third adventure in Ephemera.  The young boy free, the village with a strong leader and the minotaur dead.

So what are we planning to do next week?  That's right!