Friday, September 19, 2014

Con on the Cob All Set

They didn't kick me out last year so I'm going back to Con on the Cob.  In fact, I'm going there for all four days.  From Thursday the 16th thru Sunday the 19th.  I really enjoyed myself last year.  This year the Monday night group is going to be there in force.  +Rob Conley will be there, he's going to run three games.  +Daniel McEntee will be there probably playing a short character who runs ahead of the party.  +Chris C. is hoping that I don't get sick again.  It wasn't a pretty picture.  By Saturday night I could have played a zombie and not needed any make-up.  And +Ken H is making the long trip.  He felt left out lest year and admitted he had a good man cry when we were all at the con.

Here's my schedule for the con.  I've got a loose schedule.  I wanted to leave time to eat, sleep and bullshit.  I also image we may just sit around the table and play a pick-up game.  It's going to be great to sit down with the guys and play around a table.

1:30 to 5:00 Expedition into Dwimmermount  
8:00 to 12:00 Death in Dust

That's right, Dwimmermount.  I'm on a quest to find 2000cp and big fucking rats.  And I am really psyched to play Death in Dust, its a Crypt world adventure.  Never had the chance to play it.

10:00 to 2:00 Blooddrinking Box

Keeping Friday schedule slim.  I considered doing a second game (another DCC adventure), but that means I'd be at the table from 10am to 6pm.  That's too much like a job.  Plus Chris will be arriving that night and we'll need plenty of BS time.  Especially with Chris and Ken.  Those guys can talk.  I can hardly get a word in. 

12:00 to 4:00 Tower Out of Time
7:00 to 11:00 Outpost in the Orclands

Another DCC adventure along with a 5e D&D adventure run by Mr. Conley.  Should be very cool.  DCC has a good representation at the con.  I think both the ones I signed up for are run by +Roy Snyder.  The lat time I played DCC was during the playtest.  And I promise +Jen Brinkman that I will not be careful when I play.  As I said, I will turn it up to 11.

Shadowrun: Welcome to the 6th World

I'm not sure if I'll be gamed out by Sunday, but I thought I would schedule one thing just in case I felt like sticking around for just one more.

I'm planning on taking Ivy's new tablet with me so I can take picture and blog from the con.  That is if I can pry it from her hands and sneak out while she's still sleeping.  I may have to slip some booze into her coffee.


  1. Groovy! Looking forward to having you at my table!

    /Crypt Master

    1. Excellent! I was wondering if you were running it.

  2. Just 25 days to go. Well, 26 for me. And yeah, man, you'd better not be sick again this year!