Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Question: Who Haven't You Rolled Dice With But Would Like To

There are a ton of good folks out there in the blogosphere.  My Friday question is who of the bloggers out there, ones you haven't played with yet, would you most like to sit down with and game.  Your group is 4 to 6 players and name who would be the GM.  I'm not talking about celebrities or historical figures, just folks you know from blogs or being on-line. 

Here is the list of guys I've played with on-line.  All the ones I can remember at least.
+Rob Conley
+Chris C.
+Ken H
+Daniel McEntee
+Rhandom A
+Joshua Macy
+Erik Tenkar
+Douglas Cole
+Peter V. Dell'Orto
+Zzarchov Kowolski
+Shoe Skogen
+Michael Garcia
+Jason Sholtis
+Al Krombach
+John Larrey
+Dan C.
+dylan hartwell 
+trey causey
+Patrick Wetmore
+B. Portly
+Olman Feelyus 
+Gus L 
+Joe D

So all those guys would  be eliminated from this question.  Many of the people I think of are ones I've known for a long time and haven't had the pleasure to roll dice.  So here's my group.

+matt jackson
+Tim Knight
+Boric Glanduum
+Dyson Logos
 +Simon Forster

I'm going to go with Christian being the GM.  We'd play at his house because he always makes incredible food for his players.

There are another hundred or more I could have added, but this is only for your top 4 to 6 at this time.

So who would you choose?