Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kidnapping Package for 5E

Actually its a package that goes way back and edition friendly.

Last night we were playing 5E and plotting to capture a mage who killed one of our party members and had been doing evil things in general.  Our current party is actually made up of moral and good guys.  It's been a while since I think we have had a good group.  We tend to play morally ambiguous characters.  No pressure to be proper.

Rewind, we were sitting at the tavern discussing a plan to capture the mage.  The night before I decided to buy a couple of things, a couple would be a Criminal background specialty.   My guy, Sidwin the Sharp says "Don't judge me guys, but..." he pulls out a hood with a leather strap to secure it around someone's neck.  A leather gag strap that included a object that fit into the mouth to keep someone from talking/screaming/spitting and it was also equipped with a buckle to secure it to someone's head.  One size fits all.  And lastly a good pair of shackles. 

Total cost: 25gp