Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Got Zombie Signs!

I went to the Halloween store with the wife.  She pushed buttons and then ran away in case the display jumped at her.  Displays were very cool and expensive.  Near the back I found these two zombie signs.  Metal signs.  I've been digging the tins lately and I think these will look nicely on my wall.  We met a couple inside the store and they asked where we got them.  I told them where they were, but that we had gotten the last one of the Zombie Research Facility.  The girl said "That's the one I want." 

Not today woman.  It's my zombie sign.


  1. Great signs! Actually very cool signs! I'm envious and I don't like zombies - the scariest creatures in fiction! I do love Halloween though!

    1. They are cool and have some weight to them. The Halloween store is a lot of fun to go through. Although they used to carry scary dice, but II haven't seen those in the past few years.

  2. Nice signs! And there's nothing quite like a good gloat! :)

  3. Those signs are brilliant. Have to admit I'm slightly envious ;-) Rachel now has a standing order to look out for similar in the fancy dress shop in the town where she works.