Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Zine Fatigue & Subscriptions

I released my 7th issue of The Manor a couple of weeks ago and the fatigue hit me over this past weekend.  It's an odd thing, but not uncommon.  I go to my day job, work there anywhere from 40 to 50+ hours a week.  At night, I work on gaming stuff about 10 to 15 hours a week and add an additional 10 hours average over the weekend.  That number gets higher at release time.

With the release over there is this weird lull in production.   Usually I have three things going at once so if I get stifled on one project I can work on another to keep me going.  But I noticed a couple of weeks after a product release I just need to take a step back and take a breath.  Hell, I didn't even go to my Monday Night gaming session this week. 

Like I said, this is not uncommon.  But I still find it strange to need a break from gaming.  With that said I have one piece done for the next Manor, a micro-adventure nearly done (and an idea for a series of them) and a project that needed completing a while ago.  In addition, I've been messing around with modern, supernatural themed type adventures. 

A Random Topic Change
Another subject I wanted to bring up was subscriptions.  I just fulfilled my first subscription.  It was a six issue run and at times I wondered if I would ever get there.  But I was talking with a fellow ziner, +Daniel Sell who produces the wonderfully creepy Undercroft zine, and we were discussing subscriptions.  And it got me to thinking of doing another round of them.

I wanted to just get an idea if there would be much interest.  Here's how I would handle it this time around.
  • Like last time I would open subscriptions for a window of time.  I don't want to have to manage staggered subscriptions.  So if I opened it up again the subs would all start with issue #8.
  • This time around I would do a 4 issue subscription.  Seems less daunting and I have a better chance of completing them before the post office increases their rates.
  • I haven't worked out pricing.  I'm thinking $16 for 4 issues for US folks and then on up for Canadian and other worldly orders.
 If you would be interested in a subscription let me know.  I'll work on it this weekend.  I've put up a poll to the right.