Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exclusive Product for Mythoard

I'm not sure what the timeline was, but I believe it must have been two months ago when +Jarrod Shaw approached me about getting involved with a project.  At the time it didn't have a name.  Later it became known as Mythoard.  I've always loved the idea of Loot Crate, but never subscribed to it because I've got limited space and what little space I do have is reserved for gaming stuff.  And I don't need Mutant Ninja Turtle sunglasses.  Jarrod purposed a subscription based service where you get a box of random gaming stuff.  Hell yeah. 

It took me .043 seconds to agree to participate. 

Jarrod asked for copies of The Manor.  I agreed.  Later (which means last night), I thought about it and figured a good chunk of folks that are going to participate probably have a copy of some of my Manors.  While +Boric Glanduum can never have enough copies I didn't really want to have people opening the box and see something they already had, so I told Jarrod I wanted to do something new for Mythoard. An exclusive.

I'm working on an exclusive product that will only be available through Mythoard.  I'm not sure what the name will be yet.  I'm re-purposing some maps I used in my campaign world and rewriting much of the material.  Only the Monday night group has played in it.  I touched up the village map of Bad Water.  You can see the before and after pictures below.

Original map of Bad Water.
New version.
This new style of detailing my map came from a discussion with +Rob Conley, +Joshua Macy and +Chris C. when I asked them to critique another map of mine.  I enhanced the lettering and numbering with a white background beneath them to make it easier to read...I hope. 

Village of Bad Water will be fully detailed.  But that's all I'm going to tell you about it.  You'll have to get a subscription to Mythoard to know about the rest.  This is the first box and it is limited to 100 subscribers so get in on this on quick because they are going quickly.  Jarrod is doing a limited release within the USA to get the logistics tweaked.  I can't imagine all the juggling he would need to do for this.

I'm excited to be a part of the first box.  If you haven't, check out the Mythoard site, it's only $20 for the box and who knows what the heck you'll find inside.  I really have no idea myself.  And that's what makes it fun.