Saturday, November 22, 2014

We Laughed Like Manly Men Who Wore Flannel

Last night the B-Team of +Douglas Cole, +Peter V. Dell'Orto+Joe D and some crazy Australian named Reece who fit right in.  Oh yeah, and +Erik Tenkar ran us through +Joseph Bloch's Castle of the Mad Archmage.  I think we bullshitted more than played.  Which was completely cool and much needed after a long week.  I can't say enough how good it is to sit around slinging some virtual dice, being completely inappropriate and laughing a lot.

This time out the B-Team found the stairs to the 4th level.  We quickly ran into a group of men training for the arena.  At first we weren't sure what to make of it, but their half-orc boss came out and made fun of Peter's manhood and they agreed to spar to first death.  Causing fighting to the second death gets confusing.  I wasn't all the way dead.  Just a little dead.  Yes you were.  No I wasn't. 

After a surprisingly inept performance by Peter, he yielded to the half-orc and lost his silver dagger.  We then got the scoop on the area.  There were a bunch of color coded teams that fought in the arena.  The half-orc said we could get on with the purple team because they sucked.  Nice to know.  So we went exploring and found the arena.  You may ask why is there an arena in the 4th layer of a mega-dungeon with guys wearing color coded shirts, I say why not.  As long as they can get the hot dogs and ketchup delivered to the concession stand, more power to them. 

Along our travel we met many doors that refused to budge.  We were profoundly lacking our ability to get doors open.  It was bad enough that we cheered when we succeeded opening a door.  A little sad.  Not one of the most stellar moments in B-Team history.

Then we came to an interesting door.  They pulled and nudged, picked and pocked at the door, but it would not yield.  I always have a Knock spell at the ready.  Like in the Elder Scroll games, nothing irritates me more than leaving an locked door or chest behind not knowing what was inside.  I cast Knock the door swung open and Minister avoided a curse that would have surely killed him.  It depended on the moral character of the party for the outcome, so with the B-Team's record I would have been dead in days.

We found the treasure room of the arena and decided it looked to cluttered and that they needed more space.  So we helped the arena clean it up.  It looks much cleaner now that it's empty.

We then staggered around some more.  We nearly encountered stuff that would have killed us, but we avoided them and into some skeletons we ran.  Hack.  Hack.  We redeaded them. 

After that we returned to the surface to count our loot and get our experience points. 

While not much happened in the adventure.  We has a blast.  Ivy said we were giggling like little girls.  I told her we laughed like manly men who wore lots of flannel.