Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ramblings at the Book Store and an NPC for Esoterrorists

Saturday night at the bookstore.  I know, the excitement and rowdiness cannot be contained between the bargain bookshelves.  Ivy and I are sitting at the cafe sipping on the latest holiday drinks.  She's already talking about decorating for Christmas.  She asked if it was cool and I told her to have a blast.  Call me when you can't reach something.  Which is often.

Progress has been made with some of the gaming list of things to do.  While the cold is still content with sitting in my face I've been able to get a Patreon done (Possum Stop from last post) and something we've dubber Secret Gaming Project #78.  It's a little different from Plan 9 from Outer Space.  The previous 77 secret gaming projects did not fail...well, not that they told me.

Either way progress is finally being made.  I cracked open my Manor 8 file last night and start poking around and getting excited about the next issue.

For listening to my random babbling of a Saturday night I offer you the Arthur Blambaust, someone you might find in one of my Esoterrorist games.

Arthur Blambaust was born and educated in Meadville, Pennsylvania.  He lived on the side of one of the two mountains.  The locals called it Pig Hill, a jumble of low income houses built on the sheer mountain side.  He grew up worrying about the 'pig people' that were rumored to live on the hill would kidnap him while he slept and boil him in a cauldron until his flesh slid from his bones.

He graduated near the top of his class in '87 and went to Edinboro University and doubled majored in psychology and photography.  He took a year off in '90 after having a nervous breakdown, his girlfriend left him and a month later his father committed suicide, hung himself in the garage.

After he graduated he moved back home and had a series of minimum wage jobs at grocery stores and fast food places.  Nearly two years after graduating he began working with the county.  The stress from investigating child abuse cases caused his first disassociation episode.  It was during this episode that he saw his first terror.  Terrors are what Arthur calls them.  Visages of demonic possession within people.  He sees the demons entwined with their victims.  Some are so infested with demonic entities that it causes Arthur to get sick to his stomach.

Arthur has been identified as a person of interest by AEGIS.  His ability would benefit the monitoring of demons.  However, his metal state is in question.  He is on medication for depression and anxiety. While the medications would not be a problem, of the intensity of the assigned cases could cause him to slip into a catatonic state.  Arthur does not adapt to change well.

Suggestion: Have an agent monitor Arthur.  He may be able to help us indirectly.  With the new information of a breach in the Membrane he may prove to be the best bloodhound we have.  We can use the system in place to manipulate where Arthur is sent and to give him added protection when needed.