Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Flash Review of Our Boss Battle

Last night our Monday Night group took on the boss fight in Phandelver.  We were already whittled down from process of getting to them.  It didn't help that we didn't have our only true fighter during that time, but he was back for this.  So we started the session where we left off from last session, we were running away.

We fought characters with monikers such as Black Spider and Glass Staff.  Our group has a dripping hatred for Glass Staff.  Along with them were orcs, bandits and spiders.  Oh yeah, and a doppelganger.

While we fled, a few of our party members got trapped.  If not for some heroics by our torchbearer one of our members may have died.  Sidwin, my rogue, had one little hit point the entire session.  Our party fought back to free our other party members.  Webs were flying.  A small mistake by Rob who forgot Web was a concentration spell, but I thought it added more tension to the situation and no one else remembered the concentration thing until after the fight.  We killed off the bandits.  The spiders were more difficult.  And we found the secret to our success with defeat two mages with Shield, surprise them. 

With some bad tactics and a little luck we took down Black Spider.  However, Glass Staff remains alive.  We were too injured and depleted of resources to give chase.  So we retreated out of the mines to take a short rest.  To recharge enough to give Glass Staff his finally send off. 

Again, 5E battles have taken us to the edge each and everytime.  It seems that when a battle ends one of us says, "I can't believe we survived".  It's very true.