Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pictures of What's on My Gaming Table and a Zen Moment

I was asked to give a picture or two so here it is.  There is the 1st ed DMG.  Heavily used and I put tape on the bottom of the pages I used the most to keep them from tearing.  The random table which I will show you more in a second.  The Treasure Hoard Generator on the screen.  I highly recommencement it.  I've been using it for years.  And lastly some dice.  Real dice. 

Here's my amazing random table.  Amazing is it not?  Surprisingly it helps me out a ton.  I roll a d12 and let the adventure muse guide me.  Then I roll a d4 to determine how many items/things are in the room. 

Empty doesn't mean empty unless it's empty.  

Zen baby!  Bring on the Zen Girls!

This has nothing to do with zen, but who fucking cares.


  1. Tim, I hate to upset your day but that is the same girl, from 11 separate shots. Take a closer look. Thanks for the random table. They're always good for the game.

    1. My wife caught me "taking a closer look" and now I'm sleeping in the doghouse.

  2. You know this is what cloning is going to be used for.

  3. NICE......What number on the dice did you roll to get the girls???