Monday, November 3, 2014

The Lost Monster Manual

+Jim Magnusson who was featured on my latest Manor with creepy mirror maker, Miraboth the Mercurial.  He also provided a handful of fantastic illustrations for the interior.  The amazing thing about Jim, he is probably the fastest artist I've ever worked with.  I remember giving him a vague and generic description of what I wanted and within a couple of hours he'd given me my cover.  By the next day he had two or three of the interior pieces done.  You can see his work on his blog, Aenglum.

Why am I telling you all this?  Jim has a Patreon page, where he draws The Lost Monster Manuel pages.  These are postcard size pictures of creatures whose lore was lost in the fog of history.  Each picture has striking detail, each is bordered with a stylized frame and best of all, worked into the border is random table that is specifically made for the creature.  Last night I printed out the three he has available on 4" x 6" note cards and then I laminated the cards.  They look fantastic.

I printed, then laminated the cards.

If you are into monsters, or cards or art, Jim encompasses all of these with The Lost Monster Manual pages.  Please check out his Patreon page and join if you enjoy those kind of things.  It is well worth it.  I worked in his Braindead Dwarf in a micro-adventure I'm working on.