Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hideout of the Long Dead Mardrid

Micro-adventure #14 is live at my Patreon page, Hideout of the Long Dead Mardrid.  I seem to like long titles for my short adventures.  Maybe they are compensating for something.  Like always, the adventure is open to anyone to download.  You don't have to a patron to download any of my micro-adventures.

I've included a GM's map.

And a blank player's map.  I always like having a blank map included for on-line play or just to create my own adventure.  This way you can reveal the map without revealing room numbers or five degree slopes.  A little inside joke there, *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*. 

This adventure can simply be a smash and run or it can become the first adventure in a quest for revenge.  I've tweaked Mardrid's level draining ability.  While he can take it, he can also give it back.  He uses it as a bargaining chip to help extract his revenge.  If the players double-cross him then that can become another danger lurking for them in dark.  You know your players are going to make worse.