Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hideout of the Long Dead Mardrid

Micro-adventure #14 is live at my Patreon page, Hideout of the Long Dead Mardrid.  I seem to like long titles for my short adventures.  Maybe they are compensating for something.  Like always, the adventure is open to anyone to download.  You don't have to a patron to download any of my micro-adventures.

I've included a GM's map.

And a blank player's map.  I always like having a blank map included for on-line play or just to create my own adventure.  This way you can reveal the map without revealing room numbers or five degree slopes.  A little inside joke there, *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*. 

This adventure can simply be a smash and run or it can become the first adventure in a quest for revenge.  I've tweaked Mardrid's level draining ability.  While he can take it, he can also give it back.  He uses it as a bargaining chip to help extract his revenge.  If the players double-cross him then that can become another danger lurking for them in dark.  You know your players are going to make worse.



  1. I like your titles. They're typically in the sweet spot between "jokey" and "overly earnest."

  2. "You know your players are going to make worse."

    That's an awfully cynical point of view.
    It's completely true.
    But you can't have players going around knowing you expect them to screw things up. They'll stop feeling bad about it. And then maybe they'll build some self esteem. Nothing worse than a player with self esteem.

    Oh. You're not playing DCC? Never mind.