Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blogger Question

For the past week or two I have been unable to see my follower section.  When I go to other blogs I cannot see the follower section there either.

Does anyone know why?


  1. That's weird. It sometimes takes a while to show up, but I haven't experienced never coming in. What browser are you using?

  2. I haven't been able to see mine since I switched to Chrome a couple months ago. Out of curiosity, I signed into blogger with Firefox, and everything was visible as it should be. Not sure why Chrome hates that particular blogger feature so much, since I was under the impression they were both associated with Google, and Firefox isn't.

  3. @Tim & Eric: Clear your cache. I'm using Chrome and can see the 330 members in the Followers section on this blog, as well as the Followers on mine.

    Also, make sure you are logged into your Google profile. That may have something to do with it as well.

  4. I currently see your followers just fine. I once had a similar problem with mine blog for a couple of days, and then it went away on its own. I have no idea what caused the problem or how it fixed itself.

  5. I'm using Firefox. Cleared the cache. I'm logged in and still can't see them. When I get on my other computer I can see them fine. Its been happening for a couple weeks now.

  6. Well, it's obviously something on that computer, then, but I'm at a loss to tell you what else to look for. Bad cookies? Maybe ad-busting' plug-in is blocking the URL for that gadget? Javascript turned off?

    You might just have to set fire to your computer.

  7. I may have to. I'd hate to do it though. Since I am computer non savy if I can fix it with turning it off and on, smacking it on the side, or swearing at it I got no more tools.

  8. Another blogger was having this problem recently, they put up a handy hint on a sidebar, only problem is I can't remember who?? I'll have a search around my usual haunts today to hunt it down.....fingers crossed!

  9. Sorry I haven't found it yet! I'll keep my eye out though.

  10. Ray: Was it something like this post I found at the "A Gathering Place" blog? Here's just the directions she provides, without the huge preamble:

    1. Go to the SETTINGS TAB on your Dashboard

    2. Make a teensy tiny change to your blog domain name, enter the security words and hit save.
    (my blog domain name is
    and all I did was place an extra "a" after Rebecca {Rebeccaa} to keep the change simple!)

    3. Enter your new address in your search bar (your old links won't work yet) and check to see if the faces of all your fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful peeps are back!
    (They should be!)

    4. Log out.

    5. Now...go back and LOG ON again. Go into the SETTINGS TAB a second time on your dashboard and change your blogger domain name BACK to it's original name!

    6. Go check your blog again. Everything SHOULD be back to normal!

  11. I found the culprit, in my case at least, is an ad-blocking plugin called AdBlock Plus. I just disabled it for my blog page, and lo and behold, my followers list returned at the next page refresh!