Sunday, October 28, 2012

Game Day Summary

Game Day was a success.  A small success.  There were only enough RPGers to run a single game at a time, but we made the very best of it.  Rob ran a S&W game and we adventured through a homemade adventure, The Elf Temple and then a Traveller adventure where we explored an outpost that had been mysteriously attacked.  The best part was being able to have a sit down game.  I mainly play on-line so being able to sit down around a table with Jason Sholtis and John Larrey was a great time.  There is not substitute for throwing real dice.

In the S&W I played a Cleric of Thor, Ivar the Ugo.  Three of his six attributes were 6.  We went forth to loot the ancient temple of the elves.  They had long abandon it and the medieval law of, Finders Keepers, applied. 

Five minutes in the game my cleric was already drained of a level.  We encountered a wight that once was a noble elf.  We had two thieves in our party that stuck to the buddy system and worked out well and burned the wight down.  My 4th level, 2nd level spell and 6 hit points were gone, 75% of Ivar is still lot more than a 100% of most men.

We systematically cleared the area and the party worked very well together.  Although my cleric was making the other nervous since I was the only healer and I was always in the front line.  But in the end I was pretty much the only one of the party that ever needed healed.

During the Traveller game the first guy I created had four attributes at 4.  My amazing rolls for character generation continued.  Then he promptly died on my first survival roll.  Probably for the best.  Rerolled and created a gambling gentlemen.  Which it turned out had no useful skill for the adventure he was on.  I'd forgotten how brutal the Traveller character generation was.  I think it was the early 80s since the last I played. 

Rob did a fantastic job with props and handling a good size party.  All the people playing the various board games seemed to be having a good time.  I hope next time they decide to hold another game day they select a better weekend so more folks can come.  The Halloween party weekend is tough to compete with. 

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  1. Glad to hear that it was fun!

    We had a local game day recently, and were lucky enough to have players for at least two games each session. Hoping to get more next time.