Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GM Games Numbers

Last night I was f'n around.  Avoiding work at home because my brain was completely f'n fried from work.  My tolerance must be getting lower as I age.  I never remember being this tired when I was younger.  Work was over and I wanted to go do something.  These days I get home and fall into a f'n catatonic state.

Its been a while since I did a update for sales at GM Games.  Its the total sales I have so far.  I swear if I make hundred bucks I spend hundred and a half in gaming books.  Looks like some of those Kickstaters are rolling in.  Looking forward to getting those.

Back to the numbers.  As of today I have sold (these numbers do not include comp copies), print & PDF, this many units of the following.

Knowledge Illuminates - 151
The Manor #1 - 129
The Manor #2 - 77

Cave of Seilju - 143

Land of Ara did a very generous blog about Knowledge Illuminates recently and I got a little spike of sales that put it over the 150 mark.  Thanks Carter.  I've been thinking of doing a redux version, with art drawn specifically for it.  And then go through the text again and clean it up.  If there are any artists out there willing to help me out with this little project shoot me a private email.  It'll put a little more scratch in your pocket.

The zine has done well.  Response has been very good.  Only my lack of production has slowed down the momentum.  I'm plodding away one the next two issues.  I've changed the point of view of my approach and now things are going more smoothly.  So I hope to have something to share soon.

Cave of Seilju was a fun one-page dungeon I did for William Dowie's one-page viking adventure contest.  Look at this freaking awesome envelope I got with my fridge magnet that I did not stick on my computer because someone made me paranoid I would erase my entire harddrive.

I removed William's address to protect him from the stalkers I know he would soon get because of the awesomeness of this envelope art.  
The fridge magnet.  I put it on my magnetic white board.


  1. Congratulations on all the sales, and man do I know how you feel regarding work and age. Digging holes in the hot sun is a lot harder for me these days than it was ten years ago, even though I exercise and eat right these days.

  2. Yeah, congrats on the sales. I know what you mean. I haven't done any online gaming in a week, so I've been getting to bed at a decent hour, but making it to that hour has been a struggle.

  3. Great sales numbers, Tim. Even though I haven't worked in years (read that sentence how you want) I still can't believe how much I *used* to do in a day compared to what I manage to achieve now. I'm guessing it's something to do with changes in the passage of time...

  4. I, too, feel increased tiredness I don't recall in younger days. I used to work two jobs and still find time to hit the gym. Now I'm lucky to make it past 9:30PM.

    Again, I appreciate you sharing your numbers. They look pretty good. Once production of Manor revs up, I imagine a trickle down effect on the other products.

  5. Nice! I'm looking forward to the latest issues. I've been pretty darned tired these days. Not to mention I caught some cold that has left me pretty wiped out. I'd love to do more work on my projects when I get home after work but my day job can leave me pretty near depleted on most days.