Monday, October 8, 2012

Monstrous Mondays Continue

Here is my second entry for Tim Brannon's Monstrous Mondays for October, GIANT Stickmen.

GIANT Stickmen are GIANT.  That means big.  Actually it means bigger than big and a little bigger than huge.  The picture above shows an actually size comparison.  A GIANT stickman is nearly three times the height of a normal stickman and weights ten times as much, most of the weight comes from their GIANT head.

The GIANT stickman attacks with its two poundy fists.  It likes its meat tender and will continue to pound its dead prey for some times a few days to get the right squishiness.  It will also attack with its GIANT mouth.  The jaw goes back so far in its head it nearly splits in two.  When a GIANT stickman attacks with a bite on 19-20 it automatically eats off a limb. 

There are some serious flaws in the GIANT stickman's genetics.  One being their GIANT size is often accompanied by normal legs.  As you can see in the actually photo taken of a GIANT stickamn attack it has worn off its feet.  This is not uncommon.  Those GIANT stickmen who live long enough wear off their entire legs and have to roll to get where they want to.

HD: 8+2 if they have no legs 8-2
AC:  5 (14)
DAM: 2d6/2d6 (poundy fists) or 3d30 (bite)
MV: 60 with legs, 20 no legs, 0 if caught in a GIANT ditch with no legs
Save: 13
Special: Bite attack automatically eats a limb or head on a roll of a 19 or 20.  Unlike normal stickman it gains no AC bonus for standing sideways because it is GIANT. 


  1. "Sweep the leg! Sweep the leg!"

  2. I'm digging myself a GIANT ditch as we speak.

  3. Unlike normal stickman it gains no AC bonus for standing sideways -- LOL

    New treasure item:

    Number two pencil with +1 eraser, +3 vs. stick men