Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Question

Since Halloween is upon us and most of us will be going to parties this weekend I thought my question would focus on Halloween. 

What is the best costume you ever wore?

Personally I'm not a costume guy.  Not a LARP guy.  Dressing up is not fun for me.  I think my favorite costume when I was a kid was a mummy.  My mom had ripped an old bed sheet (was tan in color so it made me look like an old mummy sorta) into strips and wrapped me up in them.  Then squirted ketchup on me.  I had known better I would have reminded her that mummies don't bleed.  But off I went as the bloody mummy with a creepy death mask, mask.  I got about two yard before I started to unravel and by the time I hit the forth house my wrappings documented my travels through the neighborhood.  One lady even refused to give me candy that night because all I was wearing was a mask.


  1. That is a sad Halloween tale.

    I've done a couple of good costumes for Halloween parties in recent years. I went as the Mad Hatter 4 years ago and the Batman villain Two-Face a couple of years back.

  2. My most striking Halloween costume was a Roman centurion, with lorica segmentata, helmet, the whole nine yards.

    The most fun costume was definitely Spiderman - I used a pair of cans of black Silly String in my sleeves as webshooters.

  3. Best costume? Beetlejuice back in college. Bought a white suit (thrift store) and spent a few weeks striping it. Combat boots and lots of white and black face paint. The crowning thing is that I let my hair grow out for 6 months. Teased it and white hairspray, and it was amazing. Got a haircut on November 1.

  4. Transsexual zombie that died during childbirth, complete with zombie baby down in da place.

  5. My first year of law school I put on an old ratty suit, "bloodied" up my face, head, neck, and suit, then added some bullet holes.

    I hung a sign around my neck that said, "The only good lawyer...." (I had to add the sign because everyone thought I was just a zombie. Or a gunshot victim.)