Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey OSRers in Western PA, Eastern Ohio and Southest New York

There is a game day going on in Erie this weekend.  Rob Conley is running two adventures, the first one is S&W home brewed adventure.  The second event he's planned will be using Traveller.  I'll be getting in on this one.  It's been thirty years when I had my original black box that I played Traveller.  I remember rolling up a character back then and thinking that I was starting a 40+ year old character was too old.  Hehe.  Starting at 40 is looking pretty good right now. 

I plan on attending Saturday.  Get into a game or two.  Jason Sholtis is also planning on attending.  We're going to get some grub before the game starts, to build up our gaming muscles.  Not sure who else will attend.  Sometimes Al from Beyond the Black Gate strolls in for the day, but I'm not sure if he's coming or not. 

I plan on bringing issues of The Manor in case anyone is interested.  If we get enough people interested maybe I'll run an adventure. 

So if you got sometime this weekend, come on over to Erie and play some games, meet some fellow bloggers and have a good time. 

Here's the link should you be so inclined....EDOG

I think this was from a couple of years ago when Rob was playtesting DCC.  We each had two or three guys.  Jason's mage didn't even make into the dungeon.  The door was locked and he came up with a cool idea to enlarge and break it off its hinges.  Worked fantasticly, but it exploded out hitting his mage in the head.  You poor sorry bastard of a mage, we hardly knew you.  It was a ton of fun.


  1. Man, I'm bummed -- if I weren't already committed to something this weekend, I'd totally go.

    Hope everyone there has a great time!

  2. Ah yes, it's things like this that really make me miss the States sometimes.

  3. Dang. This sounds like a lot of fun. WAAAY too far to drive, though. Rockies to Erie? (sigh)