Friday, March 20, 2015

A Misremembered Version of a Session

The Party
+Chris C. as Jules Bonnet.  He is in charge of the Erie historical society. 
+Ken H  as Ben Monday.  He is a history teacher in the Meadville High School.
+Tim Shorts as the GM.  I just found out it is difficult to Google+ yourself.

Bother men are agents of AEGIS tracking down and stopping the reality shattering plots of the Exoterrorists.

The Mission
AEGIS received a letter from a sensitive in Saegertown PA.  The sensitive reports supernatural activity in a place the locals call The Beckett House.  Last month a 17 year-old male hung himself from a tree in front the house.  Another operative has been living in the area, Norman.  Contact him only if the mission is compromised or reinforcements are needed.

The Goal
Investigate the situation.  Determine if there is a tear in the veil.  If a tear is found discover who and what created it.  Eliminate the who and what.  And if needed, come up with a cover story for the events.

The Fourth Session, The Misremembered Version

GM: Quick recap.  You guys are in the Beckett House in the upstairs bedroom.  As you were searching the room, a doorway you did not see in the darkness slowly begins to open.  Go.

Ben: I backup outside the door, but keep in the line of sight of the door.

GM: Yep.  Easy enough to do.  However, Jules will need to stay in the room to see what's going on.  

Jules: I'll stand by the doorway.  I want to be able to run if I need to.

GM: Gotcha.  You're by the door.  Ben is just outside the door.  Just a reminder, the laundry shoot is on the wall next to the bedroom door where that shadow thing escaped.

Ben: Do I have any holy water?

GM: Of course.  

Ben: I need one of those things that sprinkles holy water.  

GM: You put it into a squirt gun that way you can get some distance.

Jules: I have my gun out.

GM: Okay.  Both of you are positioned, real gun and holy water squirt gun.  So the door opens then stops.  Nothing happens.

Ben: I approach the door.

GM: As you get closer you hear a strange noise, but you can't quite make out what it is.

Ben: I open the door the rest of the way.

GM: Puts on a soundtrack that sounds like thousands people screaming and moaning in pain.

Jules: Sounds like Wal-Mart.

Ben: Do I see anything.

GM: Make a stability roll.

Ben: Oh crap.  Rolls a 1.  Oh oh man.

GM:  When you look past the door you don't see anything.  It's dark, but the noise increases as you stand there.

Jules: I take out my flashlight and move around behind Ben.

GM: When you move your flashlight around the room you see shadows on the wall that shouldn't be there.

Jules: I grab Ben to move him.

GM: Make a stability roll.

Jules.  Oh man.  Rolls a 6.

GM: You move behind Ben and hear the horrible screams coming from within the darkness.  As you grab Ben the darkness reaches out and grabs Ben and starts pulling him into the darkness.

Jules: I pull Ben away from the darkness.

GM: Make a roll.  

Jules: 5

GM: You pull Ben away from the darkness, but in doing so you lost your flashlight and Ben loses his holy water squirt gun.

Jules: I don't care about the flashlight.  I'll buy another one.

GM: You hear banging in the laundry chute and the shadows are becoming more active in the room.

Ben: I run downstairs.

Jules: I follow close behind.

GM: Where the Ouija board caring was in the living room floor was, the blackness (not unlike what is upstairs) is in its place.

Ben & Jules: We run out of the house.

GM: The door handle, its the kind that has the handle with a button you push down on the top, its hot.  You reach out to open the door and you feel the heat.

Ben: Ah oh.

Jules: I take off my jacket and wrap it around my hand and open the door.

GM: The door opens and you get out of the house.  As you run Jules, you nearly run into the hanging body of Matthew Hunt.  You hear a voice from upstairs.  It sounds like Elmer Fudd with a lisp.  

Jules:  Is it real?  The body?

GM: Looks real.

Ben: I'm running to my car.

Jules: I run also, but just far enough away to still see the house and turn around.

GM: The body is done, but in the upstairs window you see the light from your flashlight moving around then it goes out.

Jules: Holy crap.

Ben: I'm staying in my car.

Conclusion of the Opening Scene
There were a lot of elements going on.  The initial encounter with an unknown event that caused both my players to retreat as fast as their feet would allow them.  This is one of the things I love about these kind of games, out muscling your opponent is not a valid option most of the time.  You have to constantly think and problem solve.  Assess and overcome. 

On a side note all the rolls were made using a d6.