Saturday, March 14, 2015

Malice House

It's taken me a little while, but here is my next Patreon offering, The Malice House.  I have to go through to do edits, but I really dig how it turned out.  This one is going out at a 4-page zine (which means one page folded) to all my $5 patrons.  The PDF will be free to everyone else. 

This time out I used a green font to highlight the title and the headers.  I think it snazzies it up a little.  And one of my favorite details it the Patreon seal I made.  I think it looks cool and I'll be adding it to future releases. 

The map looks great on the textured cardstock. 
If you are interested in getting some of my micro-adventures head over to my Micro-Adventure Patreon page.  At the $2.50 level you get my laminated card micro-adventures.  At the $5 you get the laminated cards and the zine adventures, like The Malice House.  Plus, I sneak in a few special offers to my $5 patrons. 

But if you just like the adventures on PDF, no worries, they are free.

Back to the edits. 

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