Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Toy

Went to buy a frame for the gorgeous map I got from +Zach Glazar from his Whisper & Venom boxset.  The frame was going to cost $360...and that was with a 65% coupon!  So I passed.  I'll Home Depot the shit out of a frame before I drop that kind of money.  Think of how much gaming stuff I could buy with that.  A little sticker shocked by the framing, I wandered around AC Moores saw they had Micron pan for sale, but had enough of those for now.  Then I saw this architectural stencil.  I had no choice to buy it.  It was $8 normally, but I had a 55% coupon.  This thing will save me a ton of time when I make villages and towns.  Looking forward to test driving this thing.


  1. Heh, I feel your pain and congratulate you on your purchase :-)

  2. Nice, you can finally have all those piano-shaped rooms come out properly.

    1. heh, that's exactly what I thought. I will make it work.