Monday, March 9, 2015

Random Map Monday 10

I've been working on different projects, too many really.  Burned myself out for a short time.  Took last week off.  I hadn't drawn a new map in the past couple weeks, but this weekend I got going again.  I think I drew 5 or 6 maps (including the one above). 

I have three Patreon projects various stages of start.  These also seem to go in waves.  I always like to have an interesting concept or situation happening.  I've have such a small space to introduce the scenario that it needs to be more than throwing a wave of goblins at the party.  For any adventure you want to have a reason why this or that is happening.  The reason can be as simple as 'because it's there', for most parties.  They just want to get their swords wet.

Gaming List of Things To Do This Week
Complete 1 Patreon adventure
Complete article for the 8th Manor
Draw a couple more maps
Play in two games