Monday, March 16, 2015

Random Map Monday 11

Most of the time I draw a map first and then the idea forms in my head.  This was one of the few times I had the idea first then drew the map.  I rarely can accomplish the latter.  I am better at bending ideas around a map than trying to draw a map that fits an idea I have.  Anyways, this idea, that became Malice House, was formed years ago when I was helping +Rob Conley with one of his Points of Light (excellent product, if you don't have a copy I suggest getting one).  There was an entry about a hag.  I did a post (Editing Gaming Products, Part 2) on it over four years ago.  Holy crap, that's an eternity in blogging time.  When I reread the Monster Manual and found the sentence about tracking down evil men to put them into some larva state then used as a currency...that right there is gold.

I've always wanted to do something that used this premise.  To get the party involved with some sort of transaction.  Malice House became that.  At first I tried to draw the larva (or pods I call them in the adventure) like  some sort of gooey substance was suspending them from the ground.  Drawing failure.  I love drawing my maps, but I am also very aware of my limitations.  Scratch the webbing idea.  So I went for the gooey pool of bile instead.  Much easier to draw and still gross and still creepy. 

Here's what the map looked like after I add my do-dads and silhouettes.  I like how it turned out.  For some reason this one evokes that something is going on.  The gouges in the map are from the notecards I bought.  There is always some sort of 'artifact' when I use and color them in.  I decided to find is charming...that's a line from somewhere I forget, but it is appropriate. 

If you are interested in picking up a copy of Malice House you can go to my Patreon page and download it for free.  I also created NPCs I mention in the adventure.  I think I could make Brother Yosef's temple a micro-adventure on its own.  I might just need to do that.