Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mail Call Appreciation

The past six weeks have been just killer, crazy busy.  I that time span I've increased my gaming schedule to play in two regular games a week and some weeks its up to three times a week.  I like the variety of games I'm playing:
  • Monday night is 5e with +Rob Conley at the helm as we traverse his Majestic Wilderlands campaign world changing the political landscape of what will be.  
  • Wednesday night I'm running a True Detective type campaign using Exoterrorists from +Pelgrane Press Ltd.  I've got two investigators, +Chris C. and +Ken H who are four sessions into their investigation.  And Chris has already declared he is never coming to where I live because its too creepy.
  • The third night is irregularly scheduled.  Sometimes its +Erik Tenkar running +Joseph Bloch's Castle of the Mad Archmage.  Or playing board or card games around a real table with Rob and Dwayne.  Dwayne is creating his own game we sampled last time and it is very, very cool.  We just schedule to try version 2.0 next Saturday.
One of the thing I absolutely love is getting gaming stuff in the mail.  It's a borderline addiction.  These past couple of weeks I've gotten some excellent stuff and I've failed to give a proper shoutout to the products and the people behind the cool.

  • First off I ordered a Fallout 3 guide.  I've never been one of video game guide books.  I'd rather play and miss stuff and be surprised at what I find than know everything up front.  BUT, I've ran through Fallout 3 about four times.  Then I saw someone on Google+ post a picture of the book and I instantly wanted one.  I love the look of it.  I just needed to make sure it had the map.  The book is fantastic.  It will be a template for when I run a post apocalyptic game.
  • +Crawljammer Zine issue 6 hit my doorstep last week.  +Tim Callahan is one of the most talented guys in the OSR.  He and +Matt Hildebrand recently released a +Mythoard exclusive, Bizarre Tales.  Crawljammer is not a solo effor, +Sean Ellis penned two offerings, +Cory Gahsman (DM Cojo) and +Gilbert Isla each contributed articles.  And artists +Fred Dailey+Christian Mojallali+Sarah Richardson, +Nick Burchard, +Mike Cole+Wayne Snyder, and +Jim Yoder all contributed to this issue.  Look at that list, that is a staff.  As always Tim produces an excellent product.  This issue is 32 pages so I larger than a normal zine.  But considering how much is in it he needed them all.  Grab a copy of Crawljammer if you haven't.
  •  +Jim Magnusson has a Patreon, The Lost Monster Manual Page Postcards.  The Coot People is the latest offering.  First off you get Jim's art, that would be enough, but he adds an entire entry about the monster on the back of the postcard.  And the cool feature is the random table that is built into the frame around the picture.  I've laminated the ones I get to preserve them.
  • Tropes: Zombie Edition by +Pete Spahn of Small Niche Games.  This game looks to be a blast.  Get a group of friends together, create a group of characters, throw them into a hat, randomly select your character (when he or she dies, select another from the hat) and see how long they can survive long enough in a zone overrun by zombies to find a way out.  I have the PDF, but much prefer the print version of Tropes: Zombie Edition
  • Undercroft #4 from +Daniel Sell.  A zine from across the pond using LofFP system.  Contributors +Barry Blatt, +Marc Gacy, +Luke Gearing and +Anxious P. created another fantastic zine.  Accompanied by the artistic talents of +Matthew Adams, +Jeremy Duncan, +Jim Magnusson (this guy keeps showing up), and +Anxious P..  I just love the creepy and disturbing feel.  Daniel just started a Patreon page and that's how you subscribe to Undercroft.  I think it's a brilliant use of Patreon.  Head on over to the Undercroft page and select which patronage that suits your location.
  • Last and no way least is +Simon Forster's post card map.  Simon is one of the OSR guys I really respect and enjoy his talents.  He's been sending me post card maps even before he started his Patreon Page, Maker of Maps, Writer of Stories Delver of Dungeons.  Consider becoming a patron, he just had a brand new human being and needs diapers!  heh, plus you get excellent maps from a very cool and talented guy.  I just don't want to see any "brown pudding" on the maps!