Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coffee Cups Give the Best Names

Porters Pass is my 26th release for my Patreon, Micro-Adventures.  It's available to anyone for download.  This one is a micro-location.  Small places you can drop into your world without disrupt the whole.  Adventurers sometimes go off in an unexpected direction and its good to have one of these at the ready to give the area some depth and to give the GM some adventure ideas to dangle in front of the party.  My original inspiration for this is when I created Execution Corner.

The Porters of Gideon is a group I created for my first publication release, Knowledge Illuminates.  I've only used them sparingly in my own games, but always liked the concept.  Porters Pass the party meets a group of weary Porters whose purpose is in question.

A fun note about the main NPC, Arhald, I saw a post by +Harald Wagener that a coffee shop had slaughter his name, but thought it was perfect for an NPC.  Thank you Harald.