Monday, March 23, 2015

Random Map Monday 12

Here's a map from my latest Patreon offering, The Hypnotic Horror.  I always like suggestions from my patrons and +Si W  wanted to see a micro-adventure featuring a morkoth.  He wanted me to do a series on some of the lesser used creatures.  In case you don't know what a morkoth is...

Yeah, that guy.  I remember it from the original Monster Manual, but I gotta say I cannot remember ever running into one.

Here's what the map looked like after I added the do-dads and title blocks.

The morkoth tunnels are spiral, hypnotic things.  My artistic ability is limited so I just made a central cavern with tunnels protruding out.  I drew a second map to show what it looked like within the tunnels but it didn't makethe cut.

Looks like a weird doughnut.  So it hit the editing floor.