Thursday, March 26, 2015

Micro-Adventures are Headed Out the Door

Here's a picture of the few laminated micro-adventures, The Hypnotic Horror, that are headed out the door tomorrow.  Three different continents, five different countries and twelve different states.  I have no idea, but its cool to know it'll be to more places then I've ever been. 

I send these out to my $2.50 and $5 patrons.  And occasionally I throw them in as an extra when someone orders a batch of Manors.  They are printed on 4" x 6' notecards, front and back, and then laminate them.  That way you can use a dry erase marker, Sharpies will even work, but you'll need some elbow grease and a little water with them.  I used one in a game a couple of weeks ago and I surprised myself how well they worked.

If your just interested in grabbing the PDF of the adventure, just be-bob over to my Micro-Adventure page on Patreon and download it.  Check it out.  Check out all the adventures, locations and sandbox I've created and if's to your liking, please consider putting a tip in the jar.  No worries either way.  I love writing these adventures.