Thursday, April 30, 2009

Different Age of Gaming

With my group of gamers the chance to sit around the table and sling dice is pretty much gone. While Rob and I only live on the opposites sides of town, the others in our group live in different states. A few years back we got Fantasy Grounds so we could play over the computer. Not quite as fun as sitting around a table discussing where we should order the pizza and what to get on it, but its good enough to do some gaming. Fantasy Grounds was a pain at first. It crashed or spewed out error messages. We spent more time patching and reconfiguring than playing. Now Fantasy Grounds works like a champ and with the addition of all the rulesets it is the best online tabletop on the market. All of us have fully licensed versions so if the GMing bug strikes us we can start uploading all the maps and pictures (although Dwayne should be banned from posting certain pictures). The current GM is Dwayne running a 4e GURPS campaign. Rob has some rules he is percolating and wants to test before he unleashes them. Waxing nostalgic for playing on the tabletop is fine, but because of Fantasy Grounds we can get together and sometimes more often than if we did live close by. Its easy to start drifting away from gaming as real world matters press in around you, but once you pick up the dice, create a character and meet with your friends it helps to take on those problems.

So on Sunday afternoon starting at 2pm til whenever Dwayne runs out of breath, I'll be sitting at my computer playing Torren of the Red Hand looking to find the guardian to the gates of hell. Much more interesting than an electric bill.

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