Sunday, December 27, 2020

Mork Borg, Black Hack, Fallout, Dice, and More

It was a very good Christmas at the Manor. Ivy and I worked hard this year to make the best of it. Our reward was to have the ability to splurge on some gifts and enjoy a real vacation. Here are the gaming gifts I am loving. 
Ivy bought herself a Staedtler stylus for her new Remarkable 2 and absolutely loved it. She saw they had products I might enjoy and so she grabbed these ergo-friendly colored pencils. They are so good! The triangle shape and soft texture make them fantastic to use. Plus they blend so well. I hope to share some maps soon.
Part 2 of the Staedtler gifts. Markers. They are all the same size .03, and they bleed a bit. But the black is a true black. I used it as a filler pen and it works fantastic. I am curious to see what other options they have.
Dollar Tree has this deal going on where they are selling a set of 7 dice for a buck. That's $1. I went in for the case of 24 sets. Now I know I don't need more dice, but I have a good reason. Really I do. I was thinking of doing an endtable, fill a box with the dice and epoxy. Although I really want to open them all up and just roll. 
I received a copy of Black Hack. I actually thought it was The Black Hack 2. I have to read better. However, I only had this on PDF so I am happy to have a copy. 
I grabbed three (well four, I accidently bought two of one of the decks) Inkwell Sidequest Decks. 
I've been wanting these decks for a while now. I've looked through them and see Matt Jackson and Dyson contributed maps. Small write ups on each map. A variation of my micro-adventures. It got me to thinking of doing something like this only with tarot card sized decks. 
The beast of 2020, Mork Borg. This won a bunch of awards and I've seen several Kickstarters and other 3rd party publishers jumping on board this juggernaut. Each page is a mind explosion. The time it must have taken to layout each page. No pair of pages is a like. 
And my last gaming gifts, I love my Fallout. I grabbed Fallout Wasteland Warefare RPG and Wasteland Warefare Dice Set. I'm not sure if I would ever run this as is. I've always wanted to create a d20 version of it. I think with this book and with the other source materials I have, the only thing that is stopping me is time. 

That wraps up my Christmas. I am excited to read and use them all.