Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Feature: Drop Dice Tables

I've never been a big user of drop dice tables, but I saw this one posted by +Kelvin Green and instantly wanted to start dropping dice on it.  You can go to his blog, Aiee! Run from Kelvin's Brainsplurge!, to download it.  There are simple instructions, drop a d6 for every hit die of the creature, plus a d10.  A simple mechanic to figure out the value of the loot.  I really love the look and set up of it.

Now add +Dyson Logos's drop die encounter table and you have your "you got peanut butter in my chocolate" moment.  I may be aging myself with that comparison.  

Dyson's got a few of drop dice tables on his blog, so look around.  The worst you can do it run into one of his incredible maps. 

These two drop tables kindled my appreciation for drop dice tables.  I love the simplicity and the incredible artist value of each table. 

Both are free for the taking.  I suggest finding a map you like from Dyson page, or one of my little maps, use the drop tables and you'll have a cool little adventure in a few drops of the dice.

*Cautionary Note:  Because of the mechanic of dropping the dice, encourages bouncy dice, be aware bouncy dice like to go off the table.  If you are a dog owner (cat owners cat rule both upper and lower realms of your homes) and a die falls onto the floor, be prepared for an eventful chase.  Dice fit well into a dogs mouth and a perfect chewy for their sharp teeth. The black d20 took the worst of it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kickstarter: Pyramid of the Lost King

I only mention Kickstarters occasionally when I find one I like and want to back, share the love so to speak.  This time I'm sharing +Johua De Santo's Pyramid of the Lost King because:
  • The writing is almost complete already
  • I like it  
  • I am going to back it 
  • It's a sandbox 
  • It's a desert sandbox
  • He's got a ton of great guys helping him
  • If it funds I get to be apart of its creation
Please take a moment to check out it out.   It won't cost you an arm or a leg or any other body appendage.  The buy in price for the PDF is $10, print is only $15! and the combo PDF and print package is only $20.  Johua has a series of former adventures he's written and you can grab the whole collection for $35.  These are great prices. 

Should it get funded +Erik Tenkar and I get to participate by writing an encounter for the desert sandbox.  I want to see it funded because I want a copy and I really want to write that encounter.  Plus, it's just cool to be included.

It's an OSR sandbox adventure for low-level dudes in the desert using the Swords & Wizardry ruleset.  So please take the time to watch the video, check out the Kickstarter page.  With the likes of +Frank Turfler and +Del Teigeler doing the art, +MonkeyBlood Design adding his amazing maps and +Jim White, the unsung hero, because editors always are, will make Pyramid of the Lost King a must have.

So go fund this bad boy.  I've got some ideas brewing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rotating GMs, an Idea

We hit a stopping point in +Ken H's Monteport campaign.  We maneuvered to have Duncan become king without spilling one drop of blood.  We decided to take a break from that campaign and +Rob Conley volunteered to run his 5e version of his Majestic Wilderlands.

What I purposed was to have a shared world and each of us take turns GMing.  Why?  One, it sounds cool.  It reminds me of the Thieves World anthology where several authors shared the city of Sanctuary and the denizens within.  And the real reason is our group is getting larger.  All of us are GM capable.  And half the group hasn't had a chance to run anything.  +Chris C. has done a bit of GMing, but I defiantly want to see more, +Douglas Cole I only had the pleasure of him GMing me for a session, +Daniel McEntee and +Joshua Macy I haven't had a chance at all to have them GM.  And I've been chomping on the bit lately to run an adventure.

The general set up would be, GM develops a setting and an adventure.  The adventure lasts 1 to 3 sessions.  Second GM, rifts off the 1st GMs details of the setting, including groups, gods and whatever weird stuff that was introduced.  Run another adventure for 1 to 3 sessions.  Repeat. 

The difficult part is the starting.  Having seven folks agree on stuff can get tricky.  The good thing is we are seven guys who get along very well and have a great time.  I looking forward to the discussion and each one of us making our point for what we would like to see.

One of the first things we'll have to decide, is the genre.  We'll have to chose that first before we begin.  Before we pick a system.  Then there are several other large decisions to make.  We're planning a night to discuss all this. 

I'm curious to hear if anyone else has done this?  I've heard of it, but never seen it happen.  If you have done it before, tips on how to do it are welcome.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Map Monday 6

I started a Patreon campaign back in June 2014, this was the map for my first offering.  A roadside encounter.  A simple encounter, but the map has a lot of features.  
Traveling on the road. 
  • Sparse woods 
  • Boulders/rocks
  • Muddy creek banks 
  • Small creek 
  • Cliff side
  • Small cavern
While it is a simple encounter, local tinker gets kidnapped by a bad guy, the environment helps make it feel a bit larger in scope.  Plus, I like to use different colors in the map to give the map some texture.  I like how it turned out overall.  I would have liked a better cavern and cliff side.

This week I begin to work on Manor #8 in earnest.  I have a fantastic article about grappling to kick it off.  And another group of critters created by another OSRian.  I'm looking forward to getting it started.

Happy Map Monday folks.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Lost Treasure of the Bone Soldiers

The Lost Treasure of the Bone Soldiers is my latest Patreon offering.  To get players interested in the adventure I was thinking of just throwing a treasure map in the way.  A crude thing that mentions buried treasure. Simple, but effective.  This adventure is short, but thick with character ending possibilities.  First there is the simple you fall a 100' and turn into broken meat sack.  Then there is the harpies charm ability, depending on the game this could be a permanent situation.  And lastly, the life draining ability of the wraith.  That ain't no joke.  
I introduce a group in this adventure, but I don't give any background.  Bone Soldiers.  Anyone who has read Starter Adventures will find mention of them in magic-user entry, On the Road.  Bone Soldiers are a group of folks dedicated to the necromantic arts.  One of their artifacts was hidden here many years ago.  

Until next adventure, keep you dice wet with the blood of the party and never forget, the slice of pizza is always the GMs.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Feature: Strange Stars

+trey causey has recently released his much anticipated Strange Stars.  Its a setting book for space adventures.  Right now it is available in PDF at RPGNow and Trey is waiting on the proof for the print copy.  I plan on grabbing a hard copy as soon as its available.

I think Strange Stars is amazing.  It looks incredible.  The artwork and layout are fantastic and pleasing to read.  Trey's created a sandbox in space to tromp around in and the way the book is laid out, the information is a joy to read, easy to find to reference and compare. 

It's nice to break away from the fantasy genre once in a while.  To strap on a laser rifle instead of a longsword.  Getting into fights with killer robots instead of orcs.  And getting in trouble at the local bar...well, I guess some things don't change across genres. 

Seriously consider getting this book.  It's got an old time feel with new ideas.  I think Trey has done an incredible job.  I hope to get a future generation of Boris (my character in his Weird Adventures game) kicking it into hyperdrive, guns blasting while smoke a cheap cigar. 

Hell yeah.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Citizens of Ashbourne, Part 4

9. Empty
This structure is currently empty.  The previous tenants did not pay their taxes and were no longer productive in the mine so Maximus evicted them from Ashbourne.  Before they left, the wife (none in the village will say who lived here because they believe speaking their name will curse them) made a sacrifice within the building, that if anyone else try to live in this home they will be forever cursed.  The villagers believe in the curse because she was of Thilol ancestry.  People known for their primitive and powerful magic.  The building is in disrepair.  The doors and windows are boarded up.  Should someone take a look inside they will see the magic circle still on the floor with a goat rotting in the center.  Maximus has forbid anyone to enter, those that do will be fined or put into the stockade.

Valuables: Nothing of value is in the home.  Only a few burn candles and a decaying carcass of a goat.

Plot Hooks:  The locals claim to have heard noises from the house at night, but the boards are still intact.  Maximus took off a few boards to look inside and found no evidence of anyone staying there.  On the third night a horrible scream awakens everyone.  It came from the empty house.  They pried open the board from one of the windows.  Laying outside the circle of candle is a charred corpse.  No one is sure who he is or why he or she was there.  The corpse is Alexander, a mage from the House of the Strange Majestic.  He was investigating the magic behind a Thilol curse.  No one will enter the house.  Within a day or two other members of the house will arrive and demand the retrieval of their brother.  Maximus will not open the house because he is afraid of the curse.  The villagers are at a standoff.  The house mages are not patient and will use their powers to tear apart Ashbourne if they need to get Alexander.

 10. Exxok (miner)
Exxok is a small man, but very strong.  He lives here with his mother, Lorinia.  He doesn't speak much, but doesn't shy away from gatherings. Exxok loves to mine.  Loves to discover new things.  To him the earth is a mystery with an endless supplies of treasures waiting to be found.  Exxok could easily pick up and go if their was excitement to be found in the ground elsewhere.  Lorinia his mother is kind and enjoys company.  Should any females be in the party she attempts to arrange a meeting with her son.

Valuables:  The home is nice and comfortable.  He has nothing of value other than a silver snuff box (10sp) that he carries in his pocket.  It's usually empty unless he finds something interesting.  It's often a curious rock he'll store inside.  Lorinia has a small hand mirror with a handle carved from aged wood.  It is decorated with etchings of sleeping animals.  The materials the mirror is made of is not worth anything, but it possess a trace of magical power.  It needs to be infused with more magic for its true properties to be revealed.  It is a Mirror of Ellic (see New Magic Item). 

Plot Hooks: Exxok went into the forest the evening before, but hasn't returned.  There is evidence in the nearby trees of a struggle.  And the fact that he left behind his pick and shovel is not a good sign.  Exxok was caught and taken back to a broken tower to be pressed into Margesh Blackblood's crew.  If the players can get to him within a week he won't be 'one of them'.  After one week he will have been indoctrinated into their crew and fight anyone who would take him away.

While on one of Exxok's forest digging excursions he finds a large chain link.  In the following couple of days he finds the large chain.  He tells the others and he gets a few of them to help.  Exxok get obsessed with finding out what it is and stops going to the mine to work.  Before Maximus wrings his neck he sees Exxok has dug up a 30' square area.  The chain is connected to the center. 

11. Rud (miner)
Rud is the former torchbearer of Maximus.  He is well liked in Ashbourne.  He works in the mine and drinks a lot afterwards.  He's a happy drunk who jokes around.  Even though he drinks, he never misses work.  His motto is, "if I work I can play".  He is good at carpentry work and helps out others if repairs are needed.  Once he's drunk, he's likely to pee on anything.  He has the habit of urinating on the houses of others.  Peed on one of Warren's (1.) horses and now they are enemies because of the incident.  (inspired by Luvien, a Rob Conley character obsessed with pissing on the entire world)

Valuables: Rud's place is a mess.  It smells bad and has stuff everywhere.  Within the mess there are three toolboxes.  One of the toolboxes contains ten rubies (100sp each).  It was a gift given to him by Maximus.  He could sell the rubies and improve his living situation, but the rubies have more sentimental value to him.  

Plot Hooks:  There is a man in the stockades.  He will not divulge who he is or where he came from.  Rud claims he saw the man trying to break into the storage (4.).  The man laughs when he is threatened with legal action.  The man is Worton, a low level thug who is a member of the Silent Knives thieves guild.  He and three of his friends thought it would be an easy score to grab the cuprite.  His friends will attempt to break Worton out of the stockades that night.

Variation of the above plot hook.  Rud sees a man breaking into the storage.  He goes over to investigate, a scuffle ensues, Rud kills the man (Worton) with a dagger strike to the heart.  Worton's friends plan to get revenge that night.

New Magic Item

Mirror of Ellic
This item once belonged to the sorceress queen, Ellic.  She was known for her ruthless tactics and her blood magic.  The mirror was given to her by one of her advisers whose name has long been lost.  Looking into the mirror subdues the savage, softens a hate filled heart and calms the enraged.  The adviser wanted her to be a good queen.  He was impaled on the stake for his efforts.  Ellic gave it to one of her dress maidens and since has been handed down through the years.  The mirror only has a trace of the magic it once had.  If imbued with magic, such as viz its powers will return.  It takes a full round of looking directly into the mirror for it to have a calming affect.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Citizens of Ashbourne, Part 3

7. Pounter & Herod (miners)
Pounter is a tall, hunched man.  Herod, his son, is nearly an exact copy of his father, except there is no gray in his brown hair and no hunch.  Both men work in the mine.  Pounter is an experienced miner, he walks hunched over because of all the days in the mine where his height was a disadvantage.  Pounter likes working in Ashbourne, the mine is small in scope, but larger in height.  He has a constant cough from his years in the coal mine.  He recently started coughing up blood, but has hidden that fact from everyone, especially his boy.  Pounter lost his wife and second child ten years ago.  An outlaw knight rode into the village to take some for slaves and kill the others.  His wife and child were among the latter.  Pounter carries this grief with him, but it only surfaces when he's drank too much.

Valuables:  Between the two of them, they have 32sp scattered around the house.  Herod has a small stash of gemstone he believes are valuable and something he can use when he gets married.  He's collected about 100sp worth.  He even does some gold panning in the creek sometimes.

Plot Hooks: Pounter is too sick to go to work, his cough has gotten worse.  Herod discovers his father is coughing up blood, but doesn't want to say anything.  He sought out Ingrid's help, but she is gone.  He asks the party if they can do anything.  He offers his stash of gemstone as payment.  Pounter's sickness required magic, even Ingrid's concoctions wouldn't work.  If his disease is not cured, Pounter's health worsens and within two weeks he will die.

Pounter staggers out of the mine, his face white with fear.  He stammers his words making it difficult to understand.  Then another miner runs out of the mine with a huge smile on his face.  "A gem, as big as my fist," he shouts.  Pounter shakes his head, "It's a grim stone (see Local Legends)."  Those around him become quiet.  Maximus orders everyone out of the mine.  Without the mine, Ashbourne cannot continue to exist.  Maximus needs help, he needs experienced help to extract the grim gem.  If the party agrees to this he will make them citizens of Ashbourne and they are permitted to build a home and Maximus awards them 20 acres to do with as they please. 

8. Guttar's Store
Outside this building is a lot of stuff.  Wheelbarrows, pick-axes, shovels, buckets, piles of wood, and a big cloth flag with the miner's guild symbol of a pick-axe and a shovel crossed.  The metal items are in various stages of rust.  Half the building is dedicated to mining equipment. along with digging instruments there are lanterns, flasks of oil, heavy clothing, gloves and boots.  Guttar run's the store with Helima, a awkward looking girl who covers he face with her dark hair.  Guttar is friendly, too friendly.  He follows around anyone who enters his shop and tried to get them to buy stuff.  He's polite, but he pesters people to buy more than what they came in for.  If he is rebuffed he'll return to his stool and pout.  Helima has a dark side to her.  She takes pleasure when others get hurt.

The other side of the building is where Guttar and his family live.  He is married to Ulma, a large woman with a bad temper.  While she is pleasant to others, she insults and belittles Guttar constantly.  Ulma is one of the few citizens of Ashbourne that can read and write.  She takes jobs on the side when writing is involved.

Valuables: There is 250sp worth of equipment in the store at one time.  He keep a small metal lockbox out in the open on a shelf.  It contains 45sp.  In their home the money is kept under the bed, on Ulma's side.  It is a simple lock box containing 145sp.  There isn't much of value in the house.  It is unkempt and cluttered with more mining equipment.

Plot Hooks: One of Pavlo's (12.) young children was found dead near the mine.  He was hit in the head with a stone.  A few of the other miners remember Guttar being near the mine.  Because of this people are pointing the finger at Guttar.  Ulma is keeping quiet.  With Guttar out of the way she can take over the shop and and marry a real man.  That's why she killed Pavlo's brat.  Ulma wants to be with Guran (15.).  Guran is popular among the miners and is swaying their opinion against Guttar.

Local Legends

Grim Stones
Grim Stones are physical manifestations of bad luck.  They are red/black in color and it takes years to manifest.  Some say they grow in areas where malicious acts of violence and depravity are prevalent, but Grim Stones have been discovered in the wilderness and in isolated areas of the world.  Despite how they are formed are where they are found, those individuals or communities that was exposed to the Grim Stone is possessed by misfortune and tragedy.  Grim Stones once exposed do decay and with each misfortune it gets smaller.  Some mages collect Grim Stones, they keep them in the magically contained display cases.  They often want to harness the powerful magics for their own purposes.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Random Map Monday 5 (I Forgot Yesterday Was Monday)

A island feature map with a slice of coastline.  The southern island is supposed to be a mountain, but it looks more like a sphincter.  I guess it's in the right spot.  I imagine a big, flying baddie lives there.  Easts things on the other island and along the coast.  And of course if you have a scary sphincter island you have to have rocky terrain surround it.  No easy access to Sphincter Island! 

That ought to do it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Brittle Bone Lake

Brittle Bone Lake is a small location you can plop into your campaign without much work at all.  This location came about by maps I saw by +Kristian Richards and +matt jackson and the content came about because of a picture drawn by David Trampier of a catoblepas in the original Monster Manuel.  I love it when that happens, two sources of inspiration combine.

You can grab a copy over at my Micro-Adventures Patreon page.

For those patrons at the high end, I'll send out a laminated version of Brittle Bone Lake. 

I think they turned out pretty good.  I rounded the edges so they weren't so damn sharp.  You could have poked your eye out. 

And I'll be breaking out my Batman stamps!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventure Difficulty: I Like Peril

I'm writing my next micro-adventure, it's a low-level tromp through two encounters.  It's a treasure map adventure type.  I tend to make adventures on the tough side.  Some say too tough.  I'm a fan of peril.  I like to develop the feeling of danger, situations where the players are damned if they do or don't, and the awareness that death is a possibility.

The adventure that I'm writing, gravity is the real threat, the monsters (harpies) while dangerous aren't as dangerous as a 100' fall.  Here's the setting: players find a map, leads them a waterfall (I haven't named it yet) where the lost treasure of the bone soldier is supposed to be waiting.  A good old buried treasure. 

The players have to traverse a narrow path along a steep hill, where the path encounters the harpies is about 100' up.  The harpies are singing their song and lure their charmed victims off the cliff.  A little Wile E Coyote action.

I think it creates interesting scenarios.  If the charmed character attempts to walk off do the rest of the party grab him or attack the harpy.  There is very little room for failed rolls in this case.  A failed roll could result in a character's death.  There are many who disagree with this philosophy.  But without this kind of threat I think the adventure weakens and I lose my peril.  As I said, I like peril. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kickstarter Report: Tropes Zombie Edition

+Pete Spahn is the main man behind Small Niche Games.  He's created several great gaming products such as Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay, Blood Moon Rising, The Inn of Lost Heroes and he also does a zine, Brave the Labyrinth.  And as the TV commercials say,...and much, much more.  Now he's giving a Kickstarter a try...well, not a try, he's already delivered on two other successful Kickstarters and last night his Tropes Zombie Edition funded.

Pete has developed a great game around the genre of zombie survival horror.  Imagine having the family over, or the guys and everybody plays a character then unleash the zombies.  Have The Walking Dead playing in the background, or Night of the Living Dead.  Does that not sound like a great night?  Back Peter's TROPES: Zombie Edition!

Oh, and don't forget to order the pizza before the game starts. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Taking 5E Attunement to the Wood Shed

Last night +Ken H decided we needed to do some bookkeeping before starting our session of Monteport.  Book keeping in the way of attunement...I was "What the hell is that?"  In the DMG, on pages 136 & 138, there is a rule that some magic items need to be attuned to the person so that an individual can reap the magical benefits.  A maximum of three items can be attuned to a person at one time.  And not all magical items need to be attuned.

I understand it, but not a fan.  It's a bit fufu for me.  You sit with your magic item during a short rest to get attuned. 

Here's my take on it, for whatever it's worth.  It 's a rule to restrict characters that adventure within a magical item rich campaign.  Like a restrictor plate.  It's there to regulate the power, in this case, the power gained by having a bunch of magic items.  

My opinion is if your going to have a magic rich campaign run with it.  If you want players to have fewer magic items than don't place them in your world.  +Joshua Macy said it felt fiddly, and that's a great word to describe it.

Now I am not bashing.  Not at all.  And I think it's interesting that Ken put it into play.  It created a lot of discussion and thought.  And I am not a huge fan of thinking.  I know +Chris C. liked the rule a lot.  Adding a different element of strategy.  I don't remember the opinions of +Rob Conley or +Douglas Cole.  

I'm curious what others think of attunement and how its played out in your game.  While I am not a fan of the rule, I am curious to how it plays. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Random Map Monday 4

Random Map Monday continues.  I sliced a section of a map and imported it into my Xara program.  The second map, I placed the text, villages and interesting sites.

I use a simple font with very few details.  Then back it with the same text only in white then bevel it out a bit to give it a white background.  It makes the text easier to read and I think it looks good.

This is me messing around with mapping tools.  I don't have anything written for it.  Although I think I could do a one-page hex crawl from this.  I may have to see.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Micro-Adventures in the Mail and Batman Stamps

One of the perks of my Patreon campaign is you get shit in the mail.  Gaming shit to be exact.  Above, my latest micro-adventure, Ossuary of a Death God, will fling itself across the world to my  high-end patrons. 

Although, I am sorry to report, they will not have the Batman stamps on them.  I saw them at the post office the other day and plan on buy as many as I can afford.  Even the postlady said they were awesome and that even the Bat Signals were stamps.  Bat Signal

I, Minister

If you want more accurate accounts that occurred during our Friday night game I advise you to head over to +Douglas Cole's room and read his Three Invade the Mad Overlord or +Peter V. Dell'Orto's post Southern Reaches: Session 10 - Castle of the Mad Archmage 7 - Three Sought Adventure.  Peter's actual post is shorter than the title.  I claim that none of the events that I write are accurate or even happened.  I am the unreliable narrator that those college English courses speak of.  I, Minister, a faithful of Unosum, God of Quantum 1s, this is my version of the same story. 

We started on the surface.  Cuts and boo boos healed.  Seemed to have enough liquid band-aids that we passed on any more purchases.  Then after a short discussion about returning to the arena level we decided not to.  I pointed out we had already hit the sweet spot in the arena when we broke into the treasury.  And since there was one less than four submerging into the madman's sewage pit, we decided to explore a level we had some familiarity.

Our tactics are simple, we break down doors, kill the inhabitants and take their stuff.  Unosum does not bother with the morality of a situation, he requires fortune to glorify his name and that 1s are not to be scorned, but to be embraced.  If'th thou never'th throw'th a 1'th, then the joy'th of success'th would forever'th be dimished'th.  - so say'th Unosum, God of Quantum 1s and Lord of Rock Bottom.

Our first offering was a batch of squatty little dwarves.  They consider themselves savage and evil, but they were mere cows awaiting to be slaughtered.  As if they lived their entire lives for that moment when we opened the door.  Some were killed with shocked looks on their face, some died as they slept and a lucky few died in battle.  Their deaths equaled a sum of gems and coin.  The entire value of their lives in a pouch.

Unosum has a harsh sense of humor.  He finds laughter at the sight of his faithful struggles with unseen events.  I served my lord well this time when a tick the size of my head landed on my back and burrowed in.  My vicious, and eager to kill comrades were kind enough to remove the tick after providing some humor to their day.

We've searched this dungeon for many hours and our attention to detail served us once again, the discovery of a secret door led to the discovery of a large chest.  As Rul pulled the chest out of the room we were set upon by a grotesque giant.  It's visage I hope to never see again.

I remember from a previous adventure we'd gained possession of a 2' copper disc with runes inscribed into the metal.  It possessed a single charge of a lightning bolt.  I unleashed the bolt at the giant and silenced its amused laughter.  Mirado finished of the pathetic creature by cleaving into its neck.  It had the decency to die quietly.

The chest was full of silver.  Surely a sign from Unosum that he is pleased with our progress.

And then something strange happened.  We ran into a creature that we did not kill.  A succubus, I assumed, dressed as a healer of some sort.  For a moments we discussed seeing her or some one like her, in Tomes of the Ancient Grognards.  We were pleased to see her, but saw no benefit from killing her.

It was then we encountered a most vile creature of many heads.  The Ompah Band!  Again, Unosum found my service entertaining and saw fit that I be struck in the head with a lyre.  Rul destroyed the band with a single swing.  I humbily said a pray to Unosum for the privilege of making him laugh.

We finished our night of exploration with a battle with ghouls.  Unosum is with in this battle making sure all damage I do are 1s.  He is kind to be with me in battle.  The undead creatures are quickly dispatched by my the Blue Beaten Mirado and he who Knocks Wood, Rul.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Ossuary of a Death God

Ossuary of a Death God is my 17th offering on my Patreon page.  Click the link to take a ride over to my page to download the adventure.  It's free to everyone and special thanks goes out to my 29 patrons who support my doodles and scribbles.  Some of them will be getting a hard copy version in the mail.  (psst, probably with Batman stamps because they have them for sale at the post office) 

This is more of a one-shot adventure than a micro-adventure.  And the scope of it could possible alter or at least add an additional element to a campaign.  In this adventure I introduce Ballor, one of the nine death gods.  Also, one of my favorite NPCs is included, the Adversary, a god killer who siphons the life essence from gods to use as ink on the scroll of knowledge.  I think he kinda kicks ass if I do say so myself.

The challenges the party is going to encounter are for mid-level.  Some of the things they could encounter could devastate any future plans they may have had.  Of course this is dependent on their choices.  There are a few twists and elements that I've used before or will use again in the future.  Many of the adventures I write do have some sort of connective tissue between them.

Anyway, its Friday.  Here's a free adventure.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Distorted Perception

Last night while driving home in the winter storm I temporarily became disoriented.  Not from drugs or the booze.  Both of those passed through my system hours earlier.  It was from the weather and the fact I could see only 20' ahead of me.  This is the same road I travel twice or more a day for about 15 years.  So I should know it.  I of course like others, rely on landmarks to identify where I am.  Since I couldn't see the houses, trees or side roads, I was 'lost' for about a minute.

It got me thinking if game terms where weather is often ignored, but can play a huge factor in the game.  I suppose a druid could have some effect on it since that's their thang, but all the other classes would find themselves at the mercy of the storm. 

I don't have any thing more to say about, I've got no penalty modifiers or random catastrophe tables for you, but thought about.

I'm done.

I haven't abandon Ashmore.  Part 3 will be posted tonight.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Mythoard

In December I had the privilege of participating in the very first Mythoard box.  I thought it was a great success.  +Jarrod Shaw set out a goal to sell a 100 subscriptions for the first month and hit his goal in a little over two weeks.  Dice, art, maps, adventures, tiles and random tables were all included in the first box.  A lot of good stuff.  But...

January's box looks to be even better.  Jarrod has been hard at work lining up a whole new set of publishers to participate:

Black Paperclip Games
Lesser Gnome
Inkwell Ideas
Stormlord Publishing
Chubby Monster Games
Monkey Blood Design
and one or two more.

If you are a gamer this lineup has to get you salivating for what you'll find in this month's box.  Jarrod done an excellent job of diversifying the box. 

And what I like best about Mythoard is you get to sample different folks' work that maybe you have only heard about or may not have heard about at all.  In December's box I found the blue dungeon tiles by +Kevin Chenevert of Red Kobold Games fantastic.  I'd heard of them, but it wasn't until I got a sample of the blue dungeon tiles that I saw how great they are. 

Oh wait, and then he has Engine Publishing participating in a giveaway, the MEGA HOARD!  You could win the five book ultimate bundle from Engine Publishing.

Jarrod has set up a simple subscription page.  You can sign up for a single month to give it a try.  And there is also a 3-month and 6-month subscription.  I even made it easy for you, just push the link and you'll be magically delivered to the subscription page.

I know Jarrod has been working hard to line up publishers for future boxes.  I really dig what he's doing and thinks its a great idea.  I mean come on, getting a box of random gaming stuff in the mail each cool is that?!?  Sample new publishers, get more dice, you know any true gamer know you can NEVER have enough dice, miniatures, adventures, maps and stuff I would have never thought of.  Give yourself a surprise gaming gift each month because...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Random Monday Map 3

Hey, Maps are about all I can handle on Mondays.  I seem to be drawing them a lot these days.  I thought I would try a little different style this time.  Some of it I think worked, some of it not so much.  I tried to emulate (had to make sure I used the right word, didn't want someone think I set myself on fire...immolate...two total different things that sound a lot a like) master map makers like +MonkeyBlood Design, +Dyson Logos and +matt jackson.  They are able to convey depth and texture using black pens of varying depth, width and shading.

Whisk bought my first set of Micron Pens for Christmas.  I lined them up and studied their maps a bit.  When to use the thicker pens compared to the thin pens.  I think I have a better grasp on it.  This is my clumsy attempt.

Forest: I like over all.  Gave them more texture and I like the different between the border where I used the .

Rocks: meh.  Usually when I do these in color I do a brown bade around them to make them pop.  I tried to draw piles of rocks.  Then tried to add a little texture to them, but it turned out like suck.

Creek: I think it looks okay.  A few little rocks in the water.  I would like to develop a better way to draw creek/river banks.  I used the hashes to show difference in the level, while I like it for hills I would like to find something different for the banks.

House: Okay, Need to work on the rooftop.  I like where its going though.

Cave:  I added the feature of the wall depth in the rooms and along the outside.  I think it works.  Need to give a little time.  I do like the stippling (which I just discovered was not stimpling). 

The hardest part about drawing the map is not reaching for my colored pencils!  It was painful.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Citizens of Ashbourne, Part 2

Here's Part 2 of my Ashborne series.  If I do these daily it should take me seven or eight days.  Today we meet Maximus, the leader of the village.  Ashbourne is a independent village that only loosely pays homage to the nobility because Maximus paid a great deal to keep them away.  So Ashbourne is isolated.  I imagine the nearest town is three days away.

You'll find a new creature, spell (I'm lousy at gauging the power of spells, everyone seems to squeal  'too powerful, too powerful'), a magic item and local legend.  The legend section is probably my new favorite.

Once Ashbourne is complete I plan to add 5E stats and a Swords & Wizardry Complete version and release it as a freebie on RPGNow.  The art work won't be included because I've Google ganked it. 

4. Storage
The iron ore that is collected from the mine is loaded into two heavy wagons (each can carry 2 tons of iron ore).  There are four heavy wagons total.  Two are usually in transit, delivering or returning from dropping off the ore.  There is a large basket in each cart, inside is a 3 to 10 pounds of shards and chips of cuprite, a reddish colored gem.  It is used for lower-end decoration of jewelry, sometimes used in paints or set in clothing to give it a expensive look.  The miners get bonus pay from the cuprite that is mined.  Maximus sells it and then divides the pay to all the miners.  He uses it as an incentive program to keep the miners motivated.  At market, the cuprite sells for 2 to 5sp a pound.  The iron ore sells for 75sp per ton.  Prices have decreased recently and Maximus is not happy.

The storage building has a heavy duty lock on it at night.  During the daytime, it is left open so the miners can deposit their ore.  There is no guard assigned to the storage building, but all the folks keep a close eye on it and will confront anyone poking around.

Value:  Prices are listed above.  The wagons are worth a good bit, 250sp each.  They are heavy duty wood, reinforced with steel frame and wheels.

Plot Hooks:  One of the cuprite baskets has gone missing.  The miners are pissed.  They will demand to check the players belongings.  If the storage building is checked, the players will find a weak spot in the floor.  It is a small tunnel that weaves under the hillside.  A batch of rat goblins (see New Creatures) are angry.  They believe that this is their hill and the humans are stealing.  They will not directly confront the humans, but they cause destruction and strife then slink away without being noticed.  The cuprite can be found scattered at the bottom of Muskrat Creek.

The local nobility has decided to no longer pay enough to make it worth while for Maximus to deliver the ore.  He asks the party to explore a different option, Lord Krunt, a half-orc warrior, whose fortress protects the mountain pass.  Lord Krunt disdains the nobility of the kingdom.  Maximus is hoping to strike a deal to sell of some of the ore to Krunt.  Krunt is known to put those who wish to speak to him through a few tests to make sure they are worthy to talk to him.

5. Maximus (leader, 6th lvl Fighter)
Maximus bought this section of land and the 2000 acres that surround it, including the mineral and water rights.  He is considered to be a lord of this land and he is responsible of keeping it clear of ruffians, bandits, monsters and other abominations that may cause strife to the surrounding population.  Maximus pays a tax at the end of each season to remain autonomous.

Maximus a big man, his arms are cut with thick muscles.  He keeps his beard and hair cropped short.  He is even tempered who looks for a solution without resorting to intimidation or threats.  If there is a dispute within the village he decides what the solution after considering all aspects of the situation.  If a dispute requires more insight, he calls upon a random group of citizens to discuss the problem before Maximus ultimately decides on a course of action.

Maximus lives alone.  Although he has women visitors occasionally.  These women stay for a week or two before leaving.  A different woman will stay the next month and so on.  He has two or three women that return regularly.  

His house is cluttered with trophies from his career as a caravan guard turned adventurer.  In the back, he keep his prize horses.  He has Dark, his black warhorse and a riding horse, Rush.

Valuables: There are several trinkets within Maximus's home that he wouldn't notice if they were taken.  Someone could take 1d4 trinkets valued at 5 to 10sp.  He has various weapons hanging on the wall, they are not in any significant order or position of value.  Maximus's main treasure is hidden by magic.  Within the northern wall is a magical portal that allows him access to a 10' x 10' room.  The magic is keyed to him.  Within the room are a total of 4302gp, 12,590sp and 10,000sp worth of gems and jewelry.  This is where he also keeps his magic sword, Grave Fall (see New Magical Items), a dark blade broad sword. 

Plot Hooks: Maximus conscripts the party, there was an ogre spotted just over the hill.  He needs to kill the it before it gets to eating people and smashing buildings.  However, the panicked, screaming individual that reported it as an ogre did not report accurately.  It is three ogres and two ogrelets.  The lead ogre carries the backpack of a a fallen mage, it contains two 1st level scrolls, a potion of levitation and a Wand of Reveal.  

A group of mercenaries enters Ashbourne.  Their leader Gillies, is a smooth talker and speaks to Maximus so he and his ruffians can stay.  They set up camp and help out the folks in the village.  Within two days the mercenaries become destructive.  Normally, Maximus would get angry and get the repairs done immediately.  But he laughs it off and confers with Gillies about decisions.  Maximus has been charmed.  Gillies has a wizard in his employ, Chargot, has Maximus under an Greater Charm Person spell (see New Spells).  He renews the spell in the morning.  Gillies is simply a creature of opportunity.  A dangerous one.  He and his small group are very talented.  They have no problem with killing, torture or taking what they want.

6. Deacon (shepherd, 2nd lvl Fighter)
Deacon has 220 sheep in his herd.  He is gone for a month or more at a time when he takes his sheep into the Golden Grassland.  His wife, Shonora, and three young children live here to take care of the sick sheep and responsible for cleaning the sheared wool.  Deacon likes to be alone and rarely speaks, even to his only family.  He is a tough man who isn't bothered by extreme temperatures.  He carries a spear with him at all times.  It is a simple wooden spear capped with a steel tip.  The wood looks ancient.

Deacon is what he appears, a strong, quiet man.  He walks away from foolishness.  If provoked into a fight he fights to kill.  He doesn't make a noise during a battle and no emotional reaction if he kills someone.  He'll dig a dig a grave to depose of the body, the meat attracts wolves.  The spear has been in his family for three generations.  His father told him it was given to his father as a gift for bravery.  Deacon has forgotten the details.  The spear's wood is as strong as steel, but has no magical powers.

Valuables:  On the mantle is a coffer with the families savings inside, 200sp.  The house is sparsely furnished, but the furniture is of very good quality (200sp).  Hanging on the wall is a skin of an albino wolf that Deacon killed two years ago.  At market someone could get 50sp.

Plot Hooks:  Deacon returns to the village, his spear broken, blood covered.  "The wolves, they come."  Is all he says before washing himself in the creek and seeking a new spear.  That night Ashbourne is surrounded by ten normal wolves and a dire wolf.  Deacon managed to kill the dire wolf's mate, but at the cost of losing his entire herd.

A two-headed black sheep (see Local Legends) is born.  Deacon kills it quickly and the ewe that gave is birth.  The next day a section of the mine collapses, two miners are injured.  One of his children is critically injured when a pot of boiling water falls across her legs.  He then tells Maximus about the black sheep and what must be done.  Since he is the one who killed the lamb, Deacon cannot be the one to ask the the Whispering Monolith what to do.  Since the monolith seems to take an interest in newcomers Maximus asks one of the party members to ask.  He cannot guarantee their safety, but adds, no one has been killed in three years (see the Whispering Monolith for more information).  It requires that one no of the Ashbourne capture the Skull of Sanctity from the Spider Witch, Aria.  You can use the adventure in The Manor #6,Witches of the Dark Moon, and add the skull into the treasure.  Return with the skull and place it within Ashbourne to fend off the disruptive forces.

New Monsters

Rat Goblins
by Nathan Bachelder

These creatures are distantly related to other goblins.  A less evolved goblin if there is such a thing.  It is less confrontational than normal goblins.  A rat goblin prefers stealth, sabotage and poison to combat.  They are experts in finding weaknesses in wooden structures and often rig them to collapse.  Their poisoning skills are directed towards animals since the poison they use has such an unpleasant odor it is easily detectable.

They live in small packs (3d4) and are very territorial.  If they feel someone has intruded into their space they are relentless with making it unlivable for the invaders.  If half their number is killed they move from the area.

New Magic Item

Grave Fall
Grave Fall is a weapon from the last age.  Maximus found it in the tomb of the rat lord.  Forgotten treasure, he found it discarded in a heap of shit and copper coins.  It hides its magical powers, only a Detect Magic spell is cast by a 5th level caster or higher will know it is magical.  Grave Fall is sentient and has little interest in combat unless it's with undead.  It acts as a normal broad sword in combat except when against undead.  Against undead, when it strikes an undead creature it does its normal damage plus critical damage, if an actual critical hit is struck, double the damage.

New Spell

Greater Charm Spell (4th level)
Greater Charm works identical as Charm Person except the duration is for 1 day and the victim will not automatically know it was you who cast the spell.  It cannot be cast on more than one person at a time even if cast at a higher level.

Local Legends

Black Sheep
The birth of a black sheep is considered an ill-omen.  And half are born with a mutation.  The legend says the family is cursed and those around them will suffer.  The degree of the mutation is the degree of the severity.  The birth of a normal black sheep causes bad luck, quickening of rotting food or sickness to the family or livestock.  The duration varies.

However, if a mutated black sheep is born it can bring disaster upon the family, such as financial ruin, the home burning down and death. 

Black sheep are living warnings from the petty gods.  There doesn't have to be a reason for it.  Sometimes it is just a reminder that they are gods and they can do this.  It requires powerful counter magic to keep the negative energy from saturating the area.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

Citizens of Ashbourne, Part 1

I plan on writing a short series of posts about Ashbourne, a small hamlet established by a pair of wealth adventurers.  All these posts will be first drafts.  I just write and not worry about edits or content.  When I free write I usually come up with ideas that give the piece flavor.  At least I hope that is the result. 

Each entry has an overview that covers what the person or people are like and usually some of their habits and profession.  Along with this I add valuables and plot hooks.  So when the players arrive in Ashbourne I can use a plot hook from this house or another to make it feel alive.  That events are moving whether the players are present or not.

And lastly, I sometimes add unique touches to the area or people to give them a distinct feel. 

1. Warren & Gorman (horse trainer)
Warren moved to Ashbourne to get away from the normal political bullshit that cluttered a working man's life.  Ashbourne, settled by adventurers, promised those who came could live their life free of such nonsense.  The only requirements are to work hard and be respectful to the others.  Warren has trained horses for thirty-two years.  Now he trains them for his own profit and not for others.  He goes to market once every six months to sell off the latest group.  And now living next  to the Golden Grasslands, he has two expert wranglers that capture the wild horses.

Gorman is Warren's little brother.  Gorman talks to himself, sings a lot, but is always polite except when the 'demons' are attacking him.  During these times he remains silent.  He doesn't work with the horses.  They scare him.  He hangs around by the road and waves at people and smokes a pipe continuously.

Valuables: Warren has a small coffer in a locked room that holds 100sp for everyday business expenses.  Hidden in the pantry, within a small cask are 364sp.  He has 200sp worth of saddles, feed, ect. to run his business.

Plot Hooks: Gorman's demons are very real.  They crawl out of the ground and follow certain people.  Those people usually end up getting sick or some misfortune happens.  Gorman knows if the demons discover he knows he can see them, they'll kill him.  Warren is being followed by a demon, blue-black in color, a death demon.  He's terrified to say anything, but wants to save his brother.

Warren has been accused to stealing a nobleman's horse.  The penalty for this is hanging.  Warren claims he is innocent.  The leader of the village, Maximus, is standing by Warren, but needs a group to infiltrate Sir Urick's manor and find evidence that would exonerate Warren.  Maximus can only delay the trial by two days.

2. Ingrid (herbalist, 3rd lvl fighter)
Ingrid is a tall statuesque woman with long auburn hair.  She lives alone in he shop.  The others show her great respect due to her expansive knowledge of herbs and she has proven to be very hand with an axe.  She is friendly, but keeps her private life private.  She travels into town once a month for supplies.  She hires one or two random people to go with her.  Many of the single (and married) men seek her attention.  She has never shown interest in any of their advances and knocked out a drunken Rud (11.) because he became too amorous. In her shop you can buy a variety of non-magical ointments, salves and unguents. 

Valuables: Ingrid has amassed a small fortune that she keeps hidden beneath a floorboard.  She has 13 small pouches with 100sp in each.  In a unlocked box in her private living area she has 54sp.  Most of the other in Ashbourne pay in coin, but if they are unable she will barter labor or for food.  She collects jade figurines, she has eight of them, all valued between 10sp to 40sp each.

Plot Hooks: Ingrid is visited by another woman, Taylee.  Her usual calm and distant demeanor is now unsettled and she is visibly shaken.  She will slip a note to one of the players (maybe one that has been kind to her).  The note reads: doppelganger. 

Ingrid is always looking for ingredients.  She hears the party is traveling to a place that grows Unter Wildwells.  These are large flowers that grow in dark wet places.  She will pay well (20sp) for every flower the party returns with.  She will provide them the containers they will need to go into.

During her trip to town, Ingrid is taken by a group of bandits known as the Crack Maws.  Ronald (18.) was able to escape.  He reports she put up a fight and the bandits leader kept shouting "We need to take her alive".

3. Nicola (miner)
This small, stone cottage is well-kept.  Hanging outside the front door is a small plaque with a crossed pick-axe and shovel, symbol of the Miner's Guild.  He lives here with his wife, Rochel.  Both are young and energetic.  Nicola works in the iron ore mine.  He's one of the newbies.  Both are well-liked.  Although some want to puke when they get all kissy kissy.

Valuables: Not to speak of.  They have some loose coins.  Rochel received a small chest with a set of blankets, dishes and a painting to start her new life.  While all these objects mean a great deal to her their market value is negligible. 

Plot Hook: Rochel is sick.  Ingrid has given provided what care she can with her medicines, but the fever is not letting up.  It all started when she saw a shadow man (see Local Legend) in the field.  She believes she is cursed to die now.  She must give a gift to the shadow man or she will die, but she doesn't know where he lives.  The party will ask to find the shadow man's home and give him her painting.

 Local Legends
Shadow Men
Shadow men are dark fey.  Legend is that if someone sees a shadow man they will die unless the shadow man is given a gift.  This tale is passed down through the generations to scare children, but there is a truth to it.  Spotting a dark fey means the person was already sick, that death spirits have already taken notice.  This is why one person may spot the shadow man while the rest see nothing.  The shadow men do not deliver the fatal blow, but they do have a relationship with the death entities.  If a gift is given, the shadow man will protect that person from the death spirit, but cannot do anything about the debilitating effects of the disease or accident.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Closing the Door on A Good Year at the Manor

On the eve of the dying year I've decided to write one of those look back posts.  Which I actually don't mind.  I think they are interesting when I read others.  I haven't written one for the past couple of years.  So you have been warned this will be filled with favorite lists, sales number, games played and other such things.  Turn back now.

Random Category List

Most Popular Post: Short Bitch & Moan Post (2229 hits)
Apparently like hearing me complain...or it had short in the title.

Most Commented Post: Gothridge Manor Turns 5 and a Giveaway (46 comments)
I was giving shit away.  I'm not proud, I'll buy some friends.

Most Plussed Post: Gifts at the Manor (+38)
People like looking at my goodies. 

Favorite Posts:
Tempering Expectations: Kinda Sorta a Timeline of My 1st Product
Game Prop Series: Tarot Cards, Maps & Scrollcases, Coins, Fantasy Billboards, Files & Photos, Music & Sound Effects
Lesson in Adventure Writing
The Gamer I Once Was

Favorite Kickstarter: Scarlet Heroes

I was interviewed three times this year.  That is three times more than any other year.  Two were video interviews.  The first one was at Gaming Ballistic with +Douglas Cole.  I think he lost a bet to +Erik Tenkar and Doug was obligated.

I was asked to do a video panel with +Si W and speak about Creating Believable Characters+Zach Glazar of Whisper & Venom fame, was also on the panel.

The final interview was a quick question and answer post at the Otyugh Talk, +Matt Borselli facilitated the interview.

I have to say this was surprising to me.  I don't think of myself as someone, anyone would interview.  Just ask my gaming group, they can barely stand talking to me more than once a week.  It was fun, even though I tend to ramble and not answer questions asked.  I may have a big future in politics.

I went to two conventions this year.  I was a fucking social butterfly.  I went to Origins for the second time and to Con on the Cob, also for a second time.  Origins was okay, but I was maxed out on people when I went so I wasn't in all that great of state of mind.   Con on the Cob however, was a lot of fun.  I got to game with our Monday night crew around a table. 

Gaming Groups
There is the Monday Night Crew is color.  We've been gaming on Monday Nights for 5 or 6 years now, only missing a few Mondays each year.  I am bias, but it is a blast gaming with these guys.  We have such a good time.  We've recently added +Joshua Macy and +Douglas Cole into the Monday night crew and it's only gotten better.  Oh, and the dude doing the double devil horns is +Roy Snyder, our illustrious GM for our DCC session, it ended up in the bar because we were kicked off our table due to a witches ball that was about to begin.  Gotta love con life.

I joined +Erik Tenkar's group, also called The B Team.  Whisk says the B is for Buttheads.  Can't argue with that.  We play on Fridays when we can.  We are traipsing around the  +Joseph Bloch's mega dungeon Castle of the Mad Archmage.  So far the team has included +Douglas Cole (this is his third mention in this post and he did not pay me), +Peter V. Dell'Orto, +Joe D, and cast of others.  It's been great getting to know these guys.

Games Played
Blood & Treasure -  +Ken H
5th Edition D&D - +Rob Conley
Swords & Wizardry Core - +Chris C.
GURPS - +Douglas Cole (son of a bitch, 4 times)
Cryptmaster - +Tim Snider
Labyrinth Lord - +Jim Yoder
DCC - +Roy Snyder
Swords & Wizardry Complete - +Erik Tenkar

As you can see, a strong OSR tinge to it.  I still want to see how some of the other games work.

Games I GMed
Esoterrorist - 1 session at Con on the Cob.  I got the GM this around the table with the guys.  I had a lot of props that seemed to have a good effect on the crew.  Freaked Rob out a little bit.  He kept asking "Is this real".  I am really enjoying this game. 

My own concoction of a system - 2 sessions on Roll 20.  First sessions exploded into a big party fight.  Second session ended ended in a demon being released on purpose.  With so many cool GMs in our group Monday night space is a premium and we have three current games going so I just wait for my turn.

Favorite New Game (to me)
Esoterrorists.   I just dig the setting and premise.  Its a great break from the fantasy genre.  If I were to run a new game it would be using this system.

GM Games Stats

Now onto bid'ness.  It has been a very good year for GM Games.  Surprisingly so.

New Business
  • In June I started a Patreon page writing micro-adventures.  I've been pleased with the success of it.  I'm up to $56 an adventure.  I have put pretty much all I made back into the gaming community and The Manor.  
  • In December I participate in the first Mythoard box, an idea thought up by the mad man +Jarrod Shaw.  I created an exclusive for it, The Stone Fields of Azoroth, which I believe will become on ongoing world.  
Products Produced
  • Manor #6 was released in May.  It was a fantastic collaboration of a ton of great folks. 
  • Manor #7 was released in August.  This issue I took the role of editor and collected a batch of grea articles.  
  • Starter Adventures was released in December.  A project I've had in the fire for four years that just kept getting put in the backburner.
  • Stone Fields of Azoroth for Mythhoard.  This came out in December also. 
  • 18 Micro-Adventures for Patreon.   I had a lot of fun doing these.  I mean I draw maps all the damn time I might as well write an adventure around them.


Just over 900 sales.  Holy shit.  It's fantastic to see that number.  Most of my sales game from two things; when I offered the bundle of print Manors and when I did the Buck a Manor PDF sale recently.  Those two account for about 40% of my sales.  If I wanted to cheat I sold 100 copies of Stone Fields of Azoroth to get me over the 1000 mark.  Okay, let's say I did cause those count also. New chart is needed.

That's better. 

Free Stuff
I also I had quite a few free product downloads this year.
So 676 free downloads.  I've sent out a crapload of other free stuff, but I'm lousy at keeping track of that kind of thing.  I just do it because its fun.  Gaming is fun.  Or its supposed to be when people aren't pissing on someone else's leg...or their own.  

GM Games 2015

2014 was a great year for GM Games.  While I like getting the sales the whole point is to put out something fun and useful.  My favorite posts to read are where someone used one of my adventures/whatever in their own game and describe how they tailor fit it to their game.  It's flattering and fantastic to hear how they interpreted and changed the content.  Onto what I'd like accomplished in 2015.

  • To get 4 issues of The Manor out.  One a season.  I would love to do this.  Not sure if I can.  But that is my goal.
  • I have a compilation of Manors, 1 thru 5 ready to be released on Lulu.  I'll offer it in hardback and trade paperback.  Since Lulu is friendlier with getting print books out this should be fairly easy.  Plus, I've had this kick ass cover sitting around from +Johnathan Bingham and his wife Daisy.
  • I would like to produce a couple of full-fledged adventures.  Like Knowledge Illuminates, but broader in scope.  More involved.
  • I want to collaborate more with folks.  I've had the pleasure of working with a great bunch of folks, but their are a few I'd like to join forces and do something. 
  • Continue building my Patreon.  Complete at minimum 2 micro-adventures a month.  I love doing them.
  • Do a limited run full magazine, Super Sized Manor!  I got the printer to do it!
  • Get Whisk to do art for a series of kids adventures and help me write it.  This would be the best one.  
Lastly, a huge thanks to all of you who stop by to comment, give me a +1, and purchase my stuff.  I do appreciate the support.

On to next year.