Friday, April 10, 2020

Player's Guide for My Campaign

When I start a new campaign I like creating guides to help each player get grounded in my setting. I do this because in the past I've been in many games where I was a native to a city or area and yet I stumbled around like a blind man. Mistakes made by my ignorance were counted against me. Something my character would have known because he had lived there all his life. So this is my way of assisting players to feel like they are a part of the world and their choices are based on knowledge. 

I do two different guides. The one above is an example of gnomes in my campaign. Did I know or even consider having gnomes in my campaign? Nope. But one of my players wanted to play one. Challenge accepted. The guide gives a brief description of how gnomes fit in, their beliefs, and gaming mechanics. Sometimes a player has adjustments they would like to make. We discuss the changes and figure out how they will work. Rarely do I say no. I like implementing things I hadn't consider. It only enriches the player's experience and usually teaches me a thing or two. 

I finished the Goranth Gnomes Guide to the Komor Forest this weekend. It is a 4-page zine style guide. I try to keep them as short as possible because players are rarely going to read a bible-sized booklet and I have no desire to write one. I Google-gank art from all over. These are only for my players eyes, but today I thought I'd share my example. 

I only do these types of guides if they want to play a race or culture out of the ordinary. I love getting ideas from players.

Then on Monday, we roll up characters. At that time I will create character guides for the players . These guides are specific to their character. It includes general knowledge of their locations. Points of interest. People of note. Organizations. Friends and enemies. And personal stuff. 

If your interested in checking out my Goranth Gnomes Guide to the Komor Forest you can grab a copy from my drive. 

Enjoy and thanks!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Two Maps, Same Map

I've got a pair of posts to continue on my Going Through the Spells theme, but I thought I'd share my maps I made this weekend. Tons of stippling. I shared them on social media, but thought I would throw them up here. First map is the black and white stippling map and the other I colored in. The stippling beneath the color adds a nice texture. But holy hell it's a lot of work.