Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kickstarter: Chose Your Own Sci-Fi Stock Art!

James Shields has a Kickstarter, Chose Your Own: Sci-Fi Stock Art, that I've never seen done before. A mix and match collection of stock art that can be layered upon one another to create unique pieces of art. That's brilliant.

If you play in sci-fi games you can grab a bunch of cool looking tokens for pennies. If you are publisher, this is a gold mine for commercial products. There are five packages; weapons, ships, portraits, people, and scenes. Each package has 50 pieces of stock art. And it's the most affordable stock art you'll ever buy. Keep reading. I have proof.

Pledge Levels...

$15 is for the tokens. You get to mix and match over 150 assets. So what's that, 10¢ a piece? Really up your game up with these tokens.

$25 gets you two of the stock art packages. Your choice. That's over a 100 pieces of stock art that you can use for your publications. That's 25¢ per piece. Try to find great stock art at that price anywhere.

Oh wait, it gets better. Much better.

$50 you'll get all five packages! Over 250 pieces of stock art.  You want to do that math? You don't have to, I did it. That's 20¢ per piece. Let that sink in. Only 20¢. No way you'll find a better deal than that...that is, unless you pledge at the next level.

$75 you get all the stock art Photoshop files, you can change the colors...Your 250+ pieces has now multiplied exponentially because now you can shade and color the stock art to taste. If you are a creator of sci-fi, for commercial or private use, this is the ultimate pledge level.

$150 level, you receive an original inked illustration from James himself. And you get all the rewards. I'm talking original, James signs it...and the best part, you get to submit the idea. Yeah, now that is cool.

But there is so much more...

Depending on your pledge level you'll receive complimentary copies of sci-fi games and accessory PDFs. I'm not going to name all the PDFs, you know why? Cause there are that many.

At the $15 pledge you receive 4 PDFs written by Peter C. Spawn. Oh don't go anywhere there is more. Also at this level you'll get 3 PDFs from Jacob DC Ross and a ship's blueprint done by Robert Conley. So let that sink in exactly how much you are getting for $15.

At the $25 pledge you get all that stuff above and 5 more PDFs from Jacob DC Ross and three more PDFs from Peter C. Spawn. Remember those numbers I gave you for the stock art at this level. Imagine that number plummeting because of all the free PDFs.

$ I even need to tell you. You should be hitting the pledge button. But in case you need a little more of a nudge, you get PDFs of James M, Spahn's White Star Galaxy Edition and Alan Bahr's For Coin & Blood.

One more thing...

Seriously, if that isn't enough to get you to pledge I don't know why the hell you read this far. Seriously, this is about as good as a Kickstarter gets. It is straight foward, James is a proven artist that has been apart of so many different products I can't name them all, go on RPGNow and search his name. The man is busy and delivers.

If anyone isn't convinced yet...okay shit, you are tough to convince, but this is it. My last attempt to get you to pledge. He's been offering pieces of his stock art, that is already offered on RPGNow, at PWYW so you can sample his art.

Chose Your Own: Sci-Fi Stock Art ---- Click the link.

I'm done.

Go pledge now.
Why are you still here. Go. Here's the link one more time. I'll make it big so you don't miss it.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Maps vs. Theater of the Mind

In the latest addition to the Gothridge Manor: An OSR Podcast, I speak about the pros and cons of using maps vs. theater of the mind from the perspective of a player and a GM.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Podcast: Starting Characters in a Campaign

I just released my latest episode, Starting Characters in a Campaign. I'm planning on starting a B/X Essentials campaign soon. I go over a few of the things I like to do to introduce players and their characters into my campaign world, disseminating information without (hopefully) overwhelming them, but enough information that characters can confidently act within the world.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Podcast: Weather in Game

Weather. How it can become an NPC in your game. How it can take on cultural aspects. And of course, how it can affect combat. Check out my Gothridge Manor podcast.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Building a Village Example

A little while ago I did a podcast about Random Encounters for a Village. I spoke about how I tend to do it. This is one of my methods. I like the twp page spread, easy to reference, if I put them into a binder there is no page flipping. Here is the link to the PDF on Google Drive for Thurber Village. I made the village on a map not made for a village, I just added the black squares as houses and it served the purpose well.

If your interested in listening to the podcast, here is the link.

Creating Village Random Encounters