Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Sales for Knowledge Illuminates

April ended up being a decent month, mainly due to James Maliszewski review.  I'd sold two up to the 18th this month then his review was published, I got a nice spike of nine sales over the next few days.  He may be the Oparh of the OSR.  Then Professor Pope released his very entertaining two-part play through of the adventure.

So here is the break down:
April Sales:       13
March Sales:     15
February Sales: 37
Total Sales:       65

Gross Profit: $250.00
Net Profit: $162.50

And it looks like Knowledge Illuminates earned a Copper Medal.  This was very cool to see.  From what I can figure it took 50 sales at RPGNow to earn it.  Sales to the other connecting sites don't seem to count.  If someone has information on what the numbers are please let me know.

Some of the cool things I've been able to do with the bit of money I've earned was buy some old school stuff on RPGNow of course.  Buy the two copies of Blackmarsh for the winners in my drawings.  Those will be sent out early next week.  And I was able to pay for part of Full License for Fantasy Grounds for friend who wants to GM. 

Thanks to everyone for your support.  I hope to have Starter Adventure out by the end of May.  Until then, keep those dice rolling. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vision Factors in Game

Not very often do visual factors come into play in game just to stream line combat.  I think the only time when it has become a factor was in total darkness (as per the spell).  I am not going to get into the special abilities of the different visions.  Maybe this is a human centric discussion or rambling thought. 

Here are some factors that I would see that could come into play, there are probably more, but I won't remember them all.  They will be broken down into categories of penalty.  This is just off the cuff thinking, I have no rules in front of me and no rules behind my back.  This is all out of my ass.  So wash your hands afterwards.

-6 To Rolls
Total Darkness
High Winds

-4 To Rolls
Heavy Smoke
Heavy Rain
Heavy Fog
Sun Glare
Really Drunk

-2 To Rolls
Partcial Darkness
Light Smoke
Light Fog
Snow Glare
Kinda Drunk

-1 To Rolls
Light Rain

Let me know what you think?  Should I include them or toss them into the bin?  I am not in love with them, but I think a standardized set of conditions with predetermined penalties might be good.  If you think of other conditions let me know.  Now go wash your hands.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three Sure Beverages

This blog is brought to you by Random Blog Post Topic Generators from The Rusty Battle Axe.  I rolled and thus the title.  

1. Swamp Bottom Wine
This grog is barely drinkable to outsiders, but to those who live along the vast swamps it is a staple of every meal.  The swamp berries grow in abundance and their fermentation time is short.  Though Swamp Bottom Wine is an acquired taste it is still offered in a wide variety of tavern for a cheaper alternative wine.  The most unscrupulous tavern owners will 'water down' some of their more expensive wines with it.  The alcohol content is slightly higher than a normal wine.  Average price for a bottle is 5cp compared to an average bottle of wine at 50cp.  

2. Goblin Snot
Most people believe the origins of this drink started with the dwarves, but it was actually developed by the nomadic hill barbarian tribes.  Although this drink has has many versions through out the years it still has one thing consistent, it will knock your boots off your feet.  This such a powerful drink that the dwarves have integrated drinking an entire bottle in a single sitting as one of the steps to move onto manhood.  It is highly flammable.  Though it was once a thick green liquid the newer version finds it less repulsive.  Because of the fermentation process, which includes dabbling in the dark magics Goblin Snot is illegal in some areas and most tavern owners are reluctant to carry a barrel of it because of its volatile nature.  Plus the extreme cost.  Goblin Snot is sold in small shot glass doses at 1gp minimum and can be as high as 10gp.  Kegs of Goblin Snot are not sold, but auctioned off to selected merchants.

3. Umber Beer
Also known as Red Beer.  This beer is made in the northern mountain region usually fermented by the faithful of the magic god.  The signature of a good Umber Beer is the amount of flavored sediment or sand floating around.  Some people find the grit to their disliking, but those who enjoy Umber Beer seek more.  It has an average alcohol content, but it is more flavorful and sought after by many higher end taverns.  Umber Beer usually sells for twice to three times as much as an average keg of beer.

Can you really have enough wweird drinnks in a fantasy tavern?  I don't think so.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Blog Post Topic Generators from The Rusty Battle Axe

All praise David at Tower of the Archmage for archiving this post from Rusty.  I included it in my blogging links page.  So if your ever stuck for a topic go here.  Its a good exercise. 

Thanks Rusty.  I know your listening.  Actually I am listening to you right now cast a fireball at a tile creature.  I haven't had eyebrows since you learned 3rd level spells.

A Question About Dragons

My good friend over at the Gamer's Closet is asking a very good question.  What kind of dragons do you have in your campaign?  It's one of those myths that take on as many variations as there are cultures.  Dragons pretty much pop up everywhere as well they should.  Here are a few of the dragons I think of when I hear the word, but it is by far from a conclusive list.

1. I think the most famous dragon is good ole Smaug from The Hobbit.  An invulnerable beast who sits atop a treasure horde.

2. D&D dragons are intelligent, color coded critters which a breath weapon that matches their scales.  And they come in all sizes.

3. Tiamat from Mesopotamian mythos, the birth mother of demons, gods and the earth and the sky.  That is a busy dragon.  A primal chaotic force of creation.

4. Puff the Magic Dragon, this was the first dragon I came to know as a kid.  An imaginary friend that you played with.  I always thought it would have been great to have a dragon as a friend.

Through most of the mythologizes dragons are supremely intelligent.  Despite their terrible size and ability to destroy they 'know things'  The know things and won't give one straight damn answer for nothing.

I really like Rob's version of dragons.  In some ways they are the champions of the gods, a substitute for angels and devils if you will.  But the exist in all times.  They are living and knowing of all the time they exist from their birth to their death.  They know.  I love that concept.  But like I said before they never learned the ability to give a straight answer.

So to my question...What kind of dragon do you use?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sammy and His Peeps

Sammy loves the ladies.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blackmarsh Give Away Winners

 Well it's Friday and time to give away a pair of Rob Conley's Blackmarch print copies.  I've assembled a Wandering Blogger Table filled with bloggers from all over the world and that's just cool.  I ordered the two copies of Blackmarsh already, which will come to me then I'll ship them from here.  For some reason I couldn't figure out how to do third party shipping with print products.  No biggie.

Here goes:

Wandering Blogger Table (d4d10)
  1.       Bard
  2.       II Male
  3.        Zombiecowboy
  4.       Bob
  5.       James C.
  6.       Sully
  7.       The Angry Lurker
  8.       dogrodeo
  9.        Jonathan Bingham
  10.      Malakor
  11.       James Maliszewski
  12.      Acrobatic Flea
  13.      Sean Robson
  14.    Risus Monkey
  15.     Dyson Logos
  16.    seaofstarsrpg
  17.     Matthew W. Schmeer
  18.     Ark
  19.     Paladin
  20.     Mike
  21.     Lasgunpacker
  22.     retrorpg
  23.     Akrasia
  24.    satyre
  25.     Roger the GS
  26.     Pat
  27.     DocStout
  28.     Porky
  29.     Jovial Priest
  30.     James
  31.     C.D. Gallant-King
  32. DRANCE
  33. Trey
  34. Shinobicow
  35. iZombie 
  36.  Jagatai
  37. Professor Pope
  38. mikemonaco
  39. Alan 
  40. roll twice...yes there is a possibility of giving away a third!
Sean Robson from Tales of the Flaming Faggot
Dyson Logos from A Character for Every Game

I've fired off notices to both bloggers so I know where to send their prizes.  Thanks again to everyone who stops on by.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick and Effective NPCs

The players are wandering through a town and there are hundreds of possible NPCs.  Detailing that many NPCs is a pain in the ass and not necessary.  But, the GM still needs to be prepared when the players interact with one of them.  Here's a quick and effective way to add a little flavor with your NPCs.  If you are a god of GMing than ignore this mortal's suggestion.

Okay grognards and grognardlings, pull out your AD&D DMG.  The one with the scary effretti on the cover.  If you don't have one you should be ashamed.  Turn to page 101 or, these charts are in the back also on page 237.  All you need for a quick NPC is right there in those page of charts.  I am using these as an example because they were the first charts I used to create quick NPCs.

Look at the charts and roll on two of them.  That's all just two.  We don't have to get all complicated.  So create as many pair of traits as you think you'll need for your NPCs.  Do this ahead of time.  Should take a whooping fiveminutes.  Now you have a list of trait so when the players randomly speak with an NPC you can give him or her some depth. 

These little touches make a difference, adding to the whole experience of the game.  Of course use any personality table of your choosing.  There are a billion of them out there.  Just remember to keep it simple.

Next on time on Gothridge Manor, Quick and Effective NPC groups.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Blog has Style

The Stylish Blogger Award has seeped into the OSR.  Bard of The Clash of Spear on Shield gave it to me.  I'm supposed to share seven things about myself and those that know me know that I will make up most of it, but just enough will be true.  

Random Possible Facts About Gothridge Manor
1-3 My favorite series of fantasy books is Thieves World.
4-6 During a gaming session I picked up another gamer and shook him upside down until the d20 he stole from me came out of his pocket.
 7  I hate doing women's voices when I GM.
8-10 For my real job I work with homeless people, criminals and displaced half-orcs.
11-14 Never smoked in my life, don't drink and I can still sing like Tom Waits.
15-17 I was the captain of the fresh water clam reclamation team in the tri-county area and on the side I was a sky diving instructor.
18-20 My wife, Whisk, was a mail order bride from Jersey.

Thank you Bard for the award.

Two Years of Blogging and a Giveaway

Hey all, its my two year blogoversery.  I've had a good year here, Gothridge Manor has a fresh coat of paint, the Newbie Blogger Award has been going well, I've got nearly 200 followers, published my first adventure, and have made a lot of blog friends.  Strike that, it hasn't been a good year, it's been a great year.  Not of least, I got my wife Ivy (Happy Whisk) into blogging and she has become quite popular.  It's been fun watching her get excited about posting and comments. 

Anyways, I thought I would celebrate by giving away something.  Its a thing I do.  On my birthday I always give one present.  Not sure why just sort of always done it.  So for my two year blogoversery I would like to give away two of Rob Conley's Blackmarsh books.  No not the free PDF smart guy.  Two print copies, one for each year.

Now you're going to have to do something to be entered.  All you need to do is leave a comment.  Even just a hello will do.  So leave a comment, I'll let people enter until Friday then I'll roll twice and those two entries will win.  And please one entry per person. 

Thanks to all of you who stop on by and have made this year a great one. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Grognardia Reviews Knowledge Illuminates!

James Mal over at Grognardia, yeah you know the guy.  He took the time to do a review of Knowledge Illuminates.  Thank you James for the kind review. 

Got My Print Copy of Blackmarsh

Went over to Rob's and got my print copy of Blackmarsh.  It looks fantastic.  The cover colors are crisp and clear.  The print quality is excellent.  RPGNow print has impressed me.  This is the first one I have received and I like it.  A lot.  Way to go Rob!

If you got the free PDF and like it, get the print copy, you'll love it.  Done.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Play Report for Knowledge Illuminates

Hey, I just read my first play through report for Knowledge Illuminates over at Professor Pope.  It was a lot of fun to see how he used it, altered it to suit his party and the ensuing mayhem.  I liked the special effect he gave the viz in the magical darkness.  Give it a read if your interested.  It's amazing how many times you roll a 1 when its a really bad time to do it.  Of course I don't think there is ever a good time to roll a 1.  But when you're dealing with fireballs it's really bad.  Thanks Professor Pope for sharing that.  Much appreciated. 

The Manor's Remodelling Continues/Ultimate Toolbox/Sleestak Sunday

Thanks to Flea I was able to figure out how to use the Pages widget.  This will free up space on the sides of my blog and dedicate an entire page to the Newbie Blogger Award and great links to free gaming stuff.  The links section will be an ongoing thing.  I've broken it down into categories, but then I get confused when one could be in two or three categories, but I will continue to build that page.

Paladin has been pressuring me and bullying me into getting The Ultimate Toolbox.  Finally I relented, found a copy on ebay for a good price and got it.  Don't let his casual walks to the game store fool you.  He is relentless.  So if it is terrible I will blame him.  .  

Normally this is Sleestak Sunday, but I got too ambitious for this Sunday and ran out of time.  But I can't disappoint all those who wait all week just for this post.  So here is a sneak peek at what's to come...

Sammy goes on an adventure.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blogger Question

Another feature (or gadget) I would like to add to my site are Pages.  I've played with it.  Swore at it.  And neither of them has helped me figure out how to use it.  Can anyone out there in blogger land give a poor, ignorant a little assistance?

What I want to do is give some of the more permanent features on my site a bigger home.  Example is the Newbie Blogger Award.  How do I do that with pages?  Can I do that with pages? 

Thanks ahead of ahead of time. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

4-15-11 Newbie Blogger Award

I found this blog recently and think its interesting.  He started out playing 4th edition, but went back to 3.5, but after reading his blog posts he seems to have a OSR mentality.  Most of his selected blog sites he follows are old school themed.  He's into Fantasy Grounds which is cool since it is the main program my group uses to play over the internet.  The winner of the Newbie Blogger Award goes out to Christian Kolbe of The XP Experience.  So please, check out his site.  If you like it let him know the eyes of the OSR have fallen upon him! *place ominous music here*  Well done Christian.  Here's to many more years to blogging.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blackmarsh Released

Rob Conley unleashes Black Marsh.  Go get a copy, it's a great product.  Oh, and the PDF is free so there is no reason not to get it.  The print version is $7.  Great work Rob.

Spock for the Tie

Very Important Information

Know it.  Learn it.  And long live it. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing Habits

I've been writing for a long time now and I've written a lot of crap and snuck in a few good pieces when I wasn't paying attention.  With my new adventure of releasing gaming products has placed me in a new situation.  One I am still trying to establish.

I try to write a minimum of one hour a night (this does not include time spent on the blog).  Because of the job I have, that most of us have I'm sure, is when I get home I am mentally drained.  But I get cranky if I don't write.  Ask Whisk.  I am trying to set up a regiment to be more faithful to my writing time.  This includes dedicate time blocks set aside for writing.  I am not discipline enough to do it any other way. 

When I get home I want to eat and turn on the xbox and start mowing down the masses in Black Ops.  Which is okay, but when I get my report back at the end of the month and see how many hours I spent mowing down the masses I feel guilty as hell.  Look at all the time I could have been writing.  Even if I only took half that time to write I would be working on my 5th project instead of my 2nd. 

Anyway, I've gotten back into my writing groove again.  The main obstacle I've been trying to over come is the closing of my bookstore.  I wrote a ton there.  Plus, it got me away from all my distractions.  I still have yet to find a replacement. 

I try to get a half hour or so before work.  Then an hour after.  Depends on how fried I am.  I will do edits and layout after work, but even that is pushing it sometimes.  Then I make time for Rob with his various productions or any of my friends that may need help with their stuff.  And in return they do the same for me.  So I am hoping to get the final additions finished for Starter Adventures within two weeks.  Send those to the art man, draw up some crude mock ups of maps so Rob can do his map magic and then start editing my slop before I give it Whisk whose editing pen is always sharp and reveals all my bad habits. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I Look for in a Gaming Product

Let me say this is just an off the cuff blog and not much has gone into this, but with so many people putting out their own products, including myself, I thought I would discuss a little of what I look for.  There are three main categories of products, rule sets, supplements and adventures.  At least that's how I break them down.

Rule Sets:
I usually only purchase fantasy setting products.  I will on occasion by Chthulhu and some mystery, but both of these are to add elements into my fantasy settings. I am not a huge fan of sci-fi or modern or historical warfare.  They don't float my boat, peel my banana or get my cookies off.  I'm not sure if I have a 'type' of fantasy rule set I like since I love rules light retro clones, but I also love the details of GURPS.  I will buy rule sets that I love to read if I find the material interesting enough, but never play such as Pendragon and Hackmaster 4th edition. 

These products tend to be my biggest section of purchases.  I love to read monster manuals and the one thousandth take on an orc or troll.  I love reading those specialized ecology books that goes into minute details about a critters bowel movement.  World building, city building, village building, building buildings books are almost an automatic buy.  Same as class construction or handbooks focused on a single class.  These are hit or miss.  Some are excellent, but a lot just suck and are just retreads by nothing new publishing.  Meta gaming stuff like publishing advice and artwork are great.  What I don't like is a lot of crunch in these.  The main reason why I disliked 3.5 so much was because of all the space stat blocks took.  It s 100 page book, but stat blocks take up 60 of those pages.  Hit the snooze button and I'll pass.

I buy a handful of these even though I write a bunch myself.  Tell me a good story with the adventure.  Don't just randomly roll on a table and plop it in the numbered room.  Take the time to tell a story and how its fits within it.  When I finish a module and feel dissatisfied I will take another look to see why I didn't like it and most of the time the adventure feels forced or like I said above, someone got happy with random tables, but didn't put the effort into smoothing out the edges and telling a story.  Its what I look for an adventure.  Without a story its not an adventures its just encounters. 

When I write my own products I write adventures and supplements I would want to buy.  I don't think you'll ever see an adventure of mine full of stat blocks or non-story driven.  I almost cringe when I say that because I think WoD gave being storyteller a bad name.  I always preferred story arcs over episodic encounters.

Speaking of gaming products I got two more scenarios done tonight for my new Starter Adventures.  The artwork is coming in and I'm very happy with it.  This is the first product I will have with original artwork so I am excited to see what it will look like when its done.  Have a great night.  I am exhausted. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sleestak Sunday

Spring is finally breaking through winter's iron grasp and nothing says spring more than putting Sleestak Hot Shit Sauce on some barbecue chicken or pork.  Secret ingredients from a lost land and made in the lost city with each bottle approved by the sleestak god (who I might add is quite the babecuer himself) quality, taste and intensity are guaranteed.  It's Sunday, the grill is calling.  So go grab some Sleestak Hot Shit and treat our family to meal no one has had in a million years.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Think I Got It

I think I have my blog under control.  I like the 3 column layout, but still getting used to all the white.  Several people specifically said they did not like the black background and white text.  Enough mentioned it (more than those who mentioned it today) that I thought it needed to change.  Anyway, here is what I have so far.  Not very inspiring, but I want to keep it simple and clean with a touch of texture.  Still tweaking, but I am done for tonight.

Argg Excuse My Mess

In my attempt to change my blog around I've made my head explode.  Excuse the mess.

Redesigning My Blog

I've been considering going to a three column format so I can show more stuff.  Everything is getting pushed lower and lower.  I have all my side bar things that are somewhat amusing to me, like my running tally of gaming purchases of the year, but it does take up a lot of space.  Also I have my Newbie Blogger Award and its winners links which is important.  Of course I have my blog roll and the Brilliant People.  Then I need a section for the items I am currently working on, selling or promoting.

New sections I would like to add would be 'Cool Blog of the Week'.  This would be based on a single blog entry for that week.  I would like to add OSR links to great resources.  And do something like James over at Underdark Gazette does, by not so much pimping something for the week, but to show what product I am using currently or reading. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Villains, S&W Style Part 4

Not afraid to be the stereo typical mad mage in the isolated tower, Renolf, has attempted to imitate those horrible spell casters that have come before him.  Except one, Renolf is not a mage and two, his tower is nothing more than an abandon grain silo at the edge of his village.  When he comes into the village he reminds people to call him 'the Dark'.  All horrible mages need to have a moniker.

Being delusional and magically inept doesn't keep him from being dangerous.  Renolf the Dark has not been able to bring himself to do anything too horrible.  Most of his 'evil' is loosened the fence allowing the cattle and sheep to wander off.  He's broken farming tools and one time he elbowed a large pig.  What Renolf does in his 'tower' that is evil is not mention the creatures he sees at night.

He believes these creatures are there because of him.  To assist him when he begins his reign of darkness.  At night he sees the creatures stalking the treeline and on a couple of occasions seen two flying.  The numbers are increasing and the creatures are edging closer to the village.  He is excited and more obnoxious around others knowing they will all be kneeling before him soon.

Renolf has no significant stats, nor any equipment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DungeonMorph Dice

Saw these DungeonMorph Dice on the ENWorld newsletter.  Joe Wetzel of Hexographer and Dungeongrapher fame is the one sponsoring this project.  Looks like he has more than enough to start his project.  He lists a bunch of inspirational bloggers Dyson Lygos and Risus Monkey are among the list.  I may donate to this project.  I love weird dice.  Doesn't everybody?

The Business of Gaming

Still being a complete newb to publishing my own stuff I am always on the look out for others who are doing it. Not just talking about the product, advertising, but the business involved also. The troubles, successes and the strategies used to keep a business afloat.

Then this morning I see Satyre of the Fame & Fortune blog (if you need some interesting inns & taverns this is the place to go) published a post about how Adamant Publishing tried an experiment of lowering its prices to get more business.

Gareth-Michael Skarka gives an honest, in-depth perspective of his struggles as a publisher.  If your interested at all in this kind of subject its interesting to see the maker of ICONS and Thrilling Tales, both titles seem to be battling for top spots at RPGNow is not doing well.  Anyway, thought it was interesting and pass it along. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way to go Dr. Rotwang!

The other day Dr. Rotwang was panicking because he could not find his WORLD BUILDER'S GUIDEBOOK!  With a little direction from Gratuitous Saxon Violence, Dr. Rotwang soon found it...over there...under that thing.  I read it laughed because my wife calls me the 'worst looker forer ever'.  Then it hit me.  World Builder's Guidebook?  What the hell is that?  I don't have one.  I don't even have one to lose.  So off I go to eBay and I found a roughed up copy for a fair price.  Then while I was looking around I found The Compleat Adventurer.  Never heard of that one either that I remember.  And how could I not buy it?  It's a hardcover.  So with only a little over $21 points of damage to the wallet I came away with what I think will be two very interesting supplements I'd never seen before.  So thank you Dr. Rotwang for being so careless with your book.  Because you lost yours, I found mine.

Sounds like one of those horrible after school specials.  The only one of those I remember is Scott Baio playing a teen-ager who was an alcoholic and after a drinking binge fell to his knees on his friend's floor and urinated all over himself.  It was a special moment.

One Square = 5 Feet, Part 3, Revenge of Bester

You can find the previous sessions here, Part 1 and Part 2.

When I last left off Chester met a quick death in Christian's dungeon.  Actually he never made it into the dungeon.  He died on the doorstep.  His brother Hester and a friend Huckster went to the dungeon to avenge Chester's death, but they too fell to the evils of Christian's dungeon.  Now word of the brothers' deaths reached the ears of their father, Bester. 

Again, I am using Swords & Wizardry Complete Rule Set.  I rolled 4d6 for the stats removed the lowest die.  Here are Bester's stats, S: 18, D: 11, C: 18, I: 14, W: 14, Ch: 12.  I rolled for three magic items (considering his level), two minor and one medium level.  He scored a +2 battle axe, a cloak of displacement and a manual of beneficial exercise, which raise his 17 strength to an 18.  Being a hardcore mercenary for several decades Bester wears plate mail, but prefers not to use a shield.  Giving him an AC of 18 with the cloak.  He prefers to wield his battle axe with two hands and gains the +1 bonus to damage for a total of d8+6 damage.  He gets +2 to hit due to level, +2 to hit from his axe and +2 to hit for his strength, for a total of +6 to hit. 

Bester has a faithful companion that has traveled with him for several years, Stoner, an odd little fellow, part dwarf, part halfling.  Though not large can carry  twice his weight and his excellent hearing sometimes has come in handy.  Stoner carries all the basic adventuring equipment needed.

On with the adventure...
Bester approaches the entrance to the bandit cave.  A new iron gate with a big ass lock secures the entrance.  Bester gives the might pull on the iron gate and it fails to budge.  "Crowbar."  Stoner places one into Bester's outstretched hand.  Bester leans into the bar and the lock snaps open.  Stoner returns the crowbar to its spot. 

As Bester steps in he spots a viper slithering forward.  He smashed the blunt side of his axe towards the viper's head, miss.  The viper lunges, miss.  The next round Bester wins initiative and tries to smash the bothersome snake, hit.  He does 7 points of damage.  The viper has 2 remaining.  The viper attacks Bester's hand as he withdraws his axe, its small teeth break on his metal armor.  Bester finishes off the viper with another crushing blow from his axe. 

End of Issue 1's Encounter

Stoner motions that he hears something up ahead.  The corridor turns to the right.

End of Issue 2's Encounter

Bester edges his way to the corner and looks around.  He spots a ratman with a snake in his hand.  Bester leaps from his cover and charges.  The ratman throws one of the snakes just missing Bester.  It hits his plate mail and falls to the floor.  The ratman flees down a flight of stairs.  With a might swing of his battle axe the snake is sliced into two as he does 13 points of damage.  "Let's move."  He shouts to Stoner and sprints after the ratman. 

End of Issue 3's Encounter

The stairs spiral down 30 feet and ends at a ledge over looking a shallow water channel.  Bester spots the ratman (Revus) squatting in the shadows.  "You snake chucking bastard," Bester howls and charges.  Revus fires his hand crossbow and the small bolt breaks as it his the breastplate.  Bester leaps into the air and swing down with all his might to cleave Revus into bits.  Hit, doing 10 points of damage.  The blow knocks Revus to the ground. 

"Mercy.  I am just a servant.  Mercy."  Revus covers his head with his arms.

"Did you give my boys mercy?"  Bester grabs Revus up easily and smashes him against the wall doing another point of damage.  "You burned their bodies,"  he spits between clenched teeth.  Bester heaves Revus to the ground.  "Arm yourself."  Revus scrambles backwards holding up his hand.  "No.  No."  His plea is cut off as Bester's axe lodges itself in the ratman's thin chest. 

Without asking Stoner hand Bester a flask of oil.  The dwarf empties the contents on convulsing ratman.  Stoner lights a torch and hands it to his lord and watches as the body easily ignites into a violent burst of flames. 

End of Issue 4's Encounter

Bester watches the body burn for a short while, idlely cleaning the blood from the blade of his axe.  "I am going to kill them all."  Bester said.  Stoner nods, "I'd expect nothing less and neither would your boys."  "Then we have work to do."

Bester explores each of the water channels finding each passage blocked by iron bars.  As he inspected the final set of iron bars Bester saw a section of the bars were cut away and an opening in the right wall.  With a cation, Bester peers into the opening and sees a ladder that climbs through a hole in the ceiling.  Bester turns to Stoner "Stay here for a moment while I check it out above."

The sound of footstep can be heard from above.  With a slight hesitation Bester quickly climbs the ladder.  It looks like a small basement and with a small set of stairs going up.  Bester sees the legs of someone running up the last part of the stairs before a door at the top of the stairs is slammed shut.

End of Issue 5's Encounter 

This time things have gone a bit better for Bester, than his unfortunate sons.  When I I get issue 6 this adventure will continue as Bester reaps his revenge.  Thanks again to Christian for sending out One Square = 5 Feet.  I'm a huge fan. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fantasy Business Name Generator

Mike over at his 1d8 blog has a cool and useful Fantasy Name Generator.  Fifteen random business names appear. 

The Mithril Moor
The owner Cyril of the Blight Hand is renown for slaying fifteen owlbears during the defense of the Ogden Moor.  The dwarven mine was abandon several years ago when the moor was infested with these creatures.  Cyril and his men purged the moor and opened the mine for his fellow dwarves to begin mining the precious veins of mithril.  As a reward, the dwarven king granted Cyril a percentage of mithril.  He now employs a master smith who forges the metal into artifacts of war.  Though his prices could bankrupt a barony, The Mithril Moor is where champions from every land come to purchase arms and armor.  Though he no longer considers himself a man of battle, when an adventurer enters his shop and speaks of fantastic creatures and mysterious places, a glint of possibility returns to Cyril's eyes. 

The Blue-Eyed Druid Shop
No one really knows the identity of the shop owner.  Most customers believe its Howard, a simple man who has a knack for gauging how much a customer will pay for an item.  His behavior can be erratic he is mostly friendly.  Though the sign outside has a man standing in the forest with blue eyes little of that translates to the shop.  BEDS as the locals call it is a pawn shop.  Howard prefers to buy and sell magical items, but he will dabble in odd, historical or collectible items.  Because it is located next to a guard tower Howard has little problem with theft.  Plus several rumors surround the old shop, that the true owner would hunt the offender and suffer a horrible death.

The owner of the Blue-Eyed Druid is a sect of mages.  They use the money to finance their experiments.  There are a total of ten mages and all take turns 'being Howard'.  This is why if the players come in one day he may act strangely different from a few days before.  

Okay, I am done for now.  When I find these generators I could play all day doing this. Thank you Mike for the generator.

Sleestak Sunday

Just when you thought sleestak could not get any cooler, give them an ab machine, a speedo and make them 300 feet tall and their coolness grows exponentially.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Soylent Ice Cream


Friday, April 1, 2011

Knowledge Illuminates March Sales

My latest entry on my journey selling my adventures.  Knowledge Illuminates has been for sale just under two months and March turned out to be a better month than I expect.  I participated in the GM's Day sales RPGNow had in the beginning of the month and that helped increase my sales. 

For March, I had 15 sales for a total 52 sales.  Ten of the sales were during the GM's Day Sale.  The gross sales for March were $50, making the total gross sales $198.  So March put $32.50 into my pocket for a total of $128.70.  A total of 17 comp copies have been downloaded.

Right now there are 18 people who have Knowledge Illuminates on their wish list and 3 have it in their cart.  The total product views at RPGNow is 3654 for an average of 70.3 views per sale. 

I was pleased with the sales from GM's Day sale.  What I didn't do well is get more progress done on the new Starter Adventures.  Most of my extra time was spent editing Rob Conley's Blackmarsh and working on my One-Page Dungeon contest.  So where as I did get some things done I did not get what I wanted done.  I am hoping to finish the rewrites of the original Starter Adventures then double the size.  Get Rob to do some maps and then get some very cool pictures.  I plan on offering the original version of Start Adventures for free with the addition of the maps.  The new Starter Adventurers will be double or more the size, with maps and art included.  This will be my first attempt at using the print option.  I hope April proves to be a productive month.

It's Friday!!!  I am so glad.