Monday, May 30, 2016

NPC Cards

Keegan Manor was posted tonight on my Patreon page.  Anyone can grab a copy of the PDF.  Keegan Manor is a micro-location that I plan on using as a home base for a hex crawl series of adventures and locations.  I'll tie in some of the previous releases and draw and overall map of the area.  It'll be geared toward first and second level characters.  A fresh sandbox to tromp through, kick over rocks and explore that ruin on the hill. 

I'm making a couple NPC cards for my patrons.  They'll be 4" x 6" laminated cards, like most of the adventures.  Below is a sample of what one will look like.  I'll have different ones for each of the classes.  On the back is the write up and information of any special items they carry.

I'll ship out copies of Keegan Manor in the beginning of June, along with Grim Water Oasis.  And who knows, there is one day left in the month, there may be another. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Adventure Misdirect

MA#44 Grim Water Oasis was released tonight.  Click on the link if you'd like a PDF copy.

I like developing adventures/situations where there is no way to win.  My players are all too familiar with them.  In addition, adding that unknown element to the situation.  A vital piece of information that is missing that deprives the party of making an informed decision.  I don't use this type adventure all the time, I do like to use them on a regular basis to keep the party off balance.  What might seem like a black and white situation may be more complex.

The trickster is an entity I don't use too often, but I like the idea of an enemy that is never what it seems.  Constantly changing appearance and presenting a situation in a skewed way to prod the party into a rash decision. 

I want to welcome all my new patrons this month.  I hope everyone enjoys the adventure.  I think I rewrote a half a dozen times.  Changed the map just as many times.  I hope the final version is something that you can use at your table or at least glean some inspiration from.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Scarey Shadow Not Included, but the Staples Are

With April 2016 in the books comes another batch of Micro-Adventures out the door.  This month also includes March's single offering which I did not mail because I was failing my insanity checks at work.  On to the offerings.  All of these are available at my Patreon site for the low, low price of gratis. 

To Buy or to Bother is a micro-location.  A cool critter with some OCD issues that can make a very colorful encounter.  A hidden space underground with a possibility of an interesting role-playing opportunity.  I like this one a lot.  Had it banging around my head for a while before I could finally work it out.

To Buy or to Bother is a 4" x 6" laminated note card.  The corners have been rounded for your protection.

Poisoning Chaos is another micro-location, this one could change a campaign.  This creepy, perfect, little cabin with its creepy, perfect, little bard hide a secret that could CHANGE THE WORLD!  muhahaha.  Or really put the screws to it.  This is what happens when good intentions pave the road to hell.

Poisoning Chaos is on a lovely, laminated white cardstock half sheet.  Measuring a generous 5.5" x 8.5".  And again, the corners have been rounded by Swedish craftsmen to assure the smoothest tactile experience and GM could ever wish for in an laminated, cardstock adventure.

Lastly, but not leastly is The Charcoaler's Ransom.  This is what happens when you put yur history in my gaming.  Or my gaming into history.  Where I take a slice of life from Medieval Times and mix it the plotting mind of Margesh Blackblood.  Yeah, my bandit lord is at it again.  He knows what he's doing and expects a lucrative and quick payday.

The Charcoaler's Ransom is in zine format.  Two variegated sheets of cardstock.  Also included are two expertly stapled staples to assist with keeping the cardstock together.  Engineers work diligently to make assure the staples were at the most effective distance apart to increase reading enjoyment.  However, the picture above has a scary shadow.  The scary shadow is not included.